Support for Xiaomi Wifi R3P Pro?


The Xiaomi Wifi R3P Pro is Xiaomi's affordable AC2600 router with MU-MIMO, available for under $90.
While Xiaomi has focused mainly on AC1200 routers, this router can be a very affordable high-performance router if implemented with OpenWRT.

I really need OpenWRT for this but I don't know how to make a custom firmware....
Can anyone please help?
Else I need to buy a new router....

Please compare with or similar devices.


Mt7615 wifi isn't supported by any FOSS drivers, but someone is packaging Mediatek's proprietary wireless drivers, maybe those do support this chip?


I need 802.1X EAP for this router, only other custom firmware is pandorabox, but it does not support 802.1X EAP...


Sorry ehf, I cannot help you on customizing the firmware but I'm very interested in it !

I'm already using this router and am a bit disappointed by the stock firmware.

Anybody is working on this ?
Is it just possible (regarding the hardware) ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


One can start with this

It's for 17.01 and obviously no wifi driver


I just finished doing my own porting of the "mir3p" (aka "xiaomi 3 pro" or "r3 pro") to openwrt, and came across this post (and @dissent1's message that shows someone else has already done the work... and back in February!)

@dissent1: I swear I copied/paste'd the code myself without looking at yours :wink: but I might borrow from you if yours looks nicer. For starters, in your .dts file I think this is wrong:

190 mediatek,portmap = "llllw";

that would imply that there are 4 lan ports and one wan, whereas there are actually only 3 lan ports on the R3P (Pandorabox botched this completely, blindly copying the config for the R3G which has the opposite LAN/WAN ordering and only 2 lan ports, with the result that the wan port is garbage and lan port 3 functions as "wan").

As for wifi driver support, @Nossiac has frequent binary-only module builds for the mt7615 ( I can confirm that the module loads (and wlan interfaces are initialized), and there do seem to be some open bugs, but I'm too lazy to configure/investigate that at the moment. For those who are having issues with Pandorabox (I was) and would rather not use the stock Xiaomi firmware, I think at least a base openwrt device support (with instructions for how to use @Nossiac's binary modules) would be useful (at least, I would use it if someone else had already done it).

Now if I can only figure out who to see about getting code reviewed....


Hi, I think you need to do a pull request to this git and then it will be reviewed, but I am not sure..
By the way, thanks for your work :slight_smile:


That's correct, becuase it describes the inner layout, so don't touch this :slight_smile:


Hi !

[Noob Alert]
I carefully read the posts but am not sure I understood everything.
Does @dissent1 and @ilyas ' messages mean that a fully functionnal OpenWRT firmware exists for this router ?
If so (and sorry for that), could you provide a tutorial to install it on the R3P ?

I'm afraid of bricking it by flashing it wrong.

Many thanks !


@dissent1: yeah. you're right. I realized that's what the original firmware uses too :wink:


@kudum: "fully functional" is a big word. I can verify that (making modifications very similar to what @dissent1 has linked to), I can boot openwrt on R3P. Unfortunately the R3P is the primary router for our school so at the moment it's a little tricky to take it offline for extended testing (which is why I haven't tried to have my diffs committed yet).

Theoretically it should work with the closed-source mediatek drivers from @nossiac, but he doesn't have modules for kernel versions after 4.14.66 (the openwrt "gate" is at at least 4.14.68). So I'm using the source from before the update to 4.14.66+. I tried compiling the "leaked" mtk drivers which presumably @nossiac's binary modules are based on, and it took quite a bit of fiddling due to changes in header files (but it compiled in the end, although I didn't test it). Presumably that's why there haven't been more binary releases.

I'm supposing the solution going forward will be to a) help @nossiac by providing him diffs so he can compile his sources using the latest openwrt. b) "release" a version of openwrt-for-R3P that is based on a version of openwrt compatible with @nossiac's latest released kernel modules.


I would be happy to help but unfortunately I don't have the skills to help Nossiac by providing diffs. Unless someone tell me how to do it...

Any update on this ?



Hi, is this thread still active? I'd love to flash a custom firmware to my R3P. I've used DD-wrt in the past but my old router was supported so it was easy. Not entirely sure where to start on the R3P, but I'm willing to help test this out.


Someone update infomation for R3P???



Any super developper to be kind to help us bring openWRT on the R3P ?

Pleeeeeeeeease ?


I was kind of hoping to see development for the Xiaomi R3P Pro and the Xiaomi Router 4, but sadly it doesn't look like its happened yet, if ever.

They both look like they have some really good hardware, probably ideal for OpenWRT. If anyone stumbles on any news or updates please let me know.


FYI - Development of opensource driver for mt7615 was started. It will be integrated into mt76.


Very good news !
Thank you for sharing.

Do you know where we can follow the advancement of the devs (ie know when it will be available) ?
I don’t see the R3P here :^brand


They will probably appear in mt76 github - but I am sure that it will not happen fast.

I managed to build early dev version - see MT7615 WIFI chip sources

I am sure that preparing dts and typical device parameters in init for R3P will be sufficient to boot OpenWRT on this device - and then we need to wait for support WiFi.