Support for TL-WR840N Ver 6.0

Good :slight_smile: Someone who has the time can do patches. I also have for 6.0,6.1 and version 14.
Also one small fix for 6.2 version i forgot.
Put this in /etc/config/system

config led
	option sysfs 'tl-wr840n-v6.2:green:lan'
	option trigger 'netdev'
	option name 'LAN'
	option default '0'
	list mode 'tx'
	list mode 'rx'
	option dev 'eth0.1'

config led
	option default '0'
	option trigger 'phy0tpt'
	option sysfs 'tl-wr840n-v6.2:green:wlan'
	option name 'WLAN'

config led
	option name 'WAN'
	option trigger 'switch0'
	option port_mask '1'
	option sysfs 'tl-wr840n-v6.2:green:power'

So leds are going to be fine :slight_smile: Test it !


I'm using this

config led
	option name 'LAN'
	option default '0'
	option trigger 'switch0'
	option sysfs 'tl-wr840n-v6.2:green:lan'
	option port_mask '0x1e'
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@sanitariu Excellent work, could you pass me in a link the kernel tl-wr840n-v6.bin? thanks

Can i get wr840n v6.2 image file

Many people could not compile alone so i decided to upload some bin builds.
I included only luci and IPV6 is DISABLED. It could be included too but i need more time for this. Here are the links:
TP-Link 840 V6.0 -
TP-Link 840 V6.1 -
TP-Link 840 V6.2 -
TP-Link 841 V14 -

I think i can build for any mediatek 7628.

You can upload directly from original software.
For returning back to original use TFTP.


the link cannot be used

Which links ?

tftp files plz

You can flash from original tp-link. Go to .... admin/admin ....
If you flash with other openwrt and you have checksum error you can use shell command
mtd -r write openwrt.....bin firmware
I will do tftp images later this day too ....

Here are the links for TFTP. Note I did not test any of them. Use at your own risk.
You may broke your router forever or need to soldier serial port to restore. - TP-Link 840 V6.0 - TP-Link 840 V6.1 - TP-Link 840 V6.2 - TP-Link 841 V14.

For some reasons dts file for V14 is wrong and router makes wrong tx-power......I edited a little bit


Thank you sanitariu

TP-Link 840 V6.2 link for tftp-recovery is not accessible. Can you plelase have a check once again.
squashfs-sysupgrade image hasn't worked via GUI upgrade menu for me, so I decided to use it for tftp flash by renaming it to tp_recovery.bin ( the file being requestes via tftp) and so I bricked the 840N v6.2 router. Hopefully the tftp image would fix it. The original tp-link firmware doesn't work to be restored via tftp either.
Try this. Sorry but i just do not have currently 6.2 anymore for testing.
I just compiled latest. If this not working better to remove the files.
Let me know ....
squashfs-sysupgrade can not be used for tftp its different size and you need to extra pad 64k.
squashfs-sysupgrade does not work from web interface ? What is the error ?

Thanks, but this tftp-recovery image still does not work. No problems that you can't tests the images. I can test them direclty on my 840 v6.2. I will waste much more time and nerves to compile it, so..
squashfs-sysupgrade was getting the typical user error, which most users are facing. Something like the image is not for this router. I can't test that anymore. Only via tftp now.

@sanitariu I build all my compilations but the compiler asks me for kernel tl-wr840n-v6.bin. Could you share it with me please?

Its important to know which version you see at your firmware page. We may have other hardware version for example with more flash or memory. I will try to find some 6.2 around and will test. Please until then i will remove files do not ask for any files because you can break your router.

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sanitariu, can you send me the latest 840nv6? i only need luci. Older links not working.

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For those that can't recover version 6.20, I found a fix thanks to:

We do not have access to download.

Hello, I do not have access to the TP-Link 840 V6.2 website -

I get access denied, you can share by Drive please thank you very much.