Support for TL-WR840N(ES) Ver 5.0 (EU)


I have. I will upload it in a few days..


Hi, sorry for the delay.

Here folows the links,

A basic one: (No LuCI apps added, just SSH, LuCI interface and firewall):
Size: 3.19 MB

A more complete one: (SSH + LuCI + uPNP + Bandwidth Monitor + QoS + SQM + AdBlocker + Firewall):
Size: 3.56 MB


@bw4517, mac80211 drivers are updated on both images to the latest HEAD version of Feb 27, 2018 from

USB driver, PPP protocol and opkg were removed on the images to free space to put the Luci and other Apps.


Can we install this from TP-Link GUI or we need to flash snapshot version 1st and then sysupgrade to this? sorry for my bad English.


Flash factory image first than sysupgrade to this.


Where can I find factory image Sir? Both you uploaded above is sysupgrade, one on snapshot is sysupgrade too. Do you mean by factory image is tp-link firmware? Sorry doesn't mean to bother, just making sure.


Good question. I don't want to brick it. :slight_smile:


Hi. I have the same question. Have you solved it?


@pradorocchi can you clarify please? Thanks.


Yes, IĀ“ll clarify.
DonĀ“t upgrade via the tp-link original firmware, it WILL brick for sure!

It will work by sysupgrading if you already have some OpenWRT image running on your router. Even if yours is without Luci, you can sysupgrade from it to mine and you will have Luci interface and the applications that are included in my images. No risk to brick your device this way!

[What I called before as a 'factory image' is a TFTP image.]
Some background and techincal information:

I did not uploaded a TFTP image and the reasons why I didnĀ“t.
I didnĀ“t uploaded by consideration about all the conversation above it on this thread, by reading all from the beginning I preferred to respect the same reasons that the the driverĀ“s-author had, and he choose to not include a TFTP version of the image for those reasons exposed on this thread.

But he had to built one that works via TFTP, and itĀ“s posted on this thread.
I also have one that I made for me and it works via TFTP.
My TFTP image includes Luci. (itĀ“s the same as the sysupgrade images I posted, but a TFTP version of them). I always generate both.

ThatĀ“s how I stared testing and trying experiments to reduce size and to fit applications, this way I started generating new and better sysupgrades images after it, easily testing each one.

If you want to TFTP, I advice you to read very well all considerations written on this thread about TFTP images on this router. At my understanding (I may be wrong and correct me if I am) at my understanding it seems that TFTP may not work on all 840Nv5 devices, even the devices being the same model number, but this is not a certain for sure. it seems it would need more people providing information about the 840Nv5 model (something with the bootloader) to be 100% risk-free TFTP images to this router. So there [may have or not have] a risk involved in TFTP not working with some 840Nv5 devices.

To protect users, itĀ“s was decide here [before I join this thread] to better only generate syspgrade images for this model at this time. So I respected their decision and I did not uploaded my TFTP image. But as developers, we know the risks and can choose to TFTP.

About bricking: if you brick your device and the Leds keep blinking, no problem, you can easily unbrick it. It means the bootloader is working well and you are safe to unbrick it. I bricked mine N times during tests, and reverted always.

-- End of the background talk and thanks for your patience -- :wink:

The options are:

  1. if you are already running any version of OpenWRT on your device, go ahead and sysupgrade to mine with Luci, it will work, no risk involved.

  2. But if you are using the TP-Link original firmware, you can first use the OpenWrt TFTP image posted on this thead, and from that image you can sysupgrade to the image containing lucy that I posted.

  3. Ask me to upload a TFP version of my image that contains Luci.

The risks of having trouble exists for options 2 and 3 and are the same risks (as discussed above on this thread before I made part of it)

ThereĀ“s no risk if you are already running openwrt on your device, simply sysupgrade to the image I uploaded with Luci, you can revert back to yours or forward again any times if you need to compare performance or signal ranges (as the MT76 driver is newer on my image) .**

Sorry for the delay in answering your doubts, weekends are better for me to answer. Sometimes I explain too much, but better excess of information than lack of it. :wink:

I can quickly answer during this weekend if we need to expand this conversation.


Excellent write-up.

I would go for an option nr. 3, as I am OK to risk it.

Please upload that version if you can, with disclaimer attached, so no one can blame you for any (potential) problems.

Thanks a lot.


Hello, This Image Save the changes but dont have good wifi signal, and the @pradorocchiĀ“s Images have good wifi signal but dont save the changes after reboot, may you compile one combinated images with that features and with opkg installer package?, thanks, or how I can compile my own Image, Thanks, Regards


Hello I allready tested the image made by pradorocchi and still having really bad wifi range I see no diference with mine thank you.


Good afternoon, sorry for my English. Would you like to know if you still have no tickets for this stable wi-fi? I have an 840nv4 that works well the wi-fi, already the 840nv5 the power of the signal and weaker and with steady drops ... Has anyone ever gotten a boost to improve wi-fi services? Someone here has this proprietary, functional driver, call me in the email


I have an 840 v4 router with the latest version that works great, but the 840 v5 still does not perform well in wi-fi


I want to build lede image from source for this device with proprietary driver, so in
target/linux/ramips/image/ i have

define Device/tl-wr840n-v5
  DTS := TL-WR840NV5
  IMAGE_SIZE := 3840k
  DEVICE_TITLE := TP-Link TL-WR840N v5
  TPLINK_HWID := 0x08400005
  KERNEL_INITRAMFS := $(KERNEL_DTB) | tplink-v2-header -e
  IMAGES += tftp-recovery.bin
  IMAGE/sysupgrade.bin := tplink-v2-image -s -e | append-metadata | \
    check-size $$$$(IMAGE_SIZE)
TARGET_DEVICES += tl-wr840n-v5

There is a question what TPLINK_HWREV value i need to use for RU region to be able to flash from webui not tftp?
Where i can found this info? Is it possible at all?


0x283 and no problems to flash.


Any updates?


can someone upload ah serial pinouts of tplink 840n v5..plss really needed that badly...and thanks god bless!! to all


Hi! Is there already have official lede/ openwrt firmware for TL-WR840N Ver 5.0 (EU) that has stable wifi signal? where can i find this stable firmware please can someone give a link?Thanks in advance..