Support for RTL8197D?

I recently got a ipTIME/TOTOLINK A2004NS plus router from a bin. (Doesn't seem to matter but I have the ipTIME korean variant)
The router has a RTL8197D 600mhz processor with 64MB ram, 8MB storage. It includes a USB port, 1 wan, 4 lan ports, I'm not sure of the chipset but has both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz inside.
I'm trying to get openwrt working here. With my research, I could find out that Realtek has once released a SDK for their devices to run OpenWrt (which I heard has terrible code quality). The "OpenWrt Build configs" zip file contains two .config files, each for the kernel and openwrt, the kernel being 3.10.??...
I was thinking that I should just install the 6 year old binary of unofficial openwrt, until I found the repository at ( ). However although the repo is relatively new it doesn't seem to be maintained anymore..
Does anybody have ideas what I should be doing for the device?

Best Regards, HexagonWin.

I think, you could attempt to compile an image from the checkout of the Github you found above. It seems to be (based on) work discussed in this thread: Working Realtek SoC RTL8196E 97D 97F in last master

This also seems relevant: Any plans for Realtek SOC support?

There are also other search hits on the forum for RTL8197D. Have you already attached a serial console?

Then you could attempt to cherry-pick relevant commits from that Repo, and attempt to apply them to a current openwrt master, or one of the 22.x, or 21.x releases.