Any plans for Realtek SOC support?

I know the older Realtek SoCs where sort of crippled without full MIPS but using the Lexra core.

The RLT8197F(B) is full MIPS. I saw some other efforts to port Realtek to OpenWRT/Lede. Any plans to officially support Realtek?

Reason I ask is cause I just got challenged to run something open source on a “360” (chinese brand) router which has the 8197FB as basis. The specs look good especially for the price they are selling the devices. Older 360 models were MT7628 based, their latest model had a 1GHz Realtek SoC.

Link to the device ?
Maybe I need more things to play with ...

It seems they are only selling it inside China at the moment. I couldn't find any on the international sites from, Aliexpress etc.

(Chinese link to JD: )

The sales rep. gave me an (net core) "360" P4. Realtek RTL8197FB 1Ghz CPU and 2.4Ghz wifi, RTL8812BRH 5 Ghz and RTL8367RB ethernet.

@ElektromAn, you have my email, if you're interested let me know. I'm sure I can ship one to you.

Is there somewere GPL sourcecode for it? The challenge is to port recent kernels and rewrite/port realtek drivers. Can you share bootlog?


is some interesting SoC
Looking at wikidevi there are already ~10 devices on sale, mostly from the cheap low cost side.
Anyway sources based on OpenWrt for v3.10 kernel

look for rtkmipsel target
I think almost all drivers are there
It should be feasible to use this as a starter

Where is openwrt_rtk with 3.10 kernel and where is recent openwrt with 4.14 kernel? Did you have time to look inside proprietary realtek driver's codebase? It is nearly impossible to port it onto recent linux kernels. @hackpascal did great work to port LEDE onto Realtek SoC but gave up. It is interesting to hear his point of view.

RTL8107F != RTL8196C
The latter one misses some patented functions, so it's/was a waste of time.

Please follow the link I gave here
There is the sdk for rtk
And some defconfigs

RTL8107F != RTL8196C

@ElektromAn What is in difference?
You misunderstand me probably. I'm not about cpu core or it's architecture, but about drivers. They are written on plain C and have nothing to deal with Lexra or clean MIPS32 (and will run on both if compiled with right toolchain) but code itself is awful and is far from recent linux kernel standarts, thus has to be rewritten from scratch. Do you have needed datasheets for this SoCs, and knowledge, and time to perform this piece of hard work? IMO Realtek itself has to invest their efforts to be supported well in recent Linux kernels.
And about Realtek openwrt-RSDK - I know well what is inside it.

The code on openwrt-rtk
is ugly, awful, whatever
They messed up the old lexra and new MIPS code.
Also some registers are not well named
i.e.for GPIO, pinmux, clok

And I have no datasheet at all.

@ElektromAn, here you can find some useful datasheets, and, again, @hackpascal already did big piece of porting work and indeed have knowledge to do the rest.

The datasheets are for the older 9187D.
But I think parts of this may be the same for 9187F.

For initial support aka boot this is maybe sufficient.
Hmmm :wink: