Huawei EchoLife HG556a or D-Link DSL-2750u or D-Link DSL 224

Salam. I like to contribute to OpenWRT Development. my question is which of The above Modem/Routers is better for starting?
Huawei EchoLife HG556a has enough Flash and RAM (16/64) but DSL Modem hasn't FLOSS Driver. is there any hope that I can write a FLOSS Driver for it after spending time or is this a super problem?
D-Link DSL-2750u has the minimum Requirement (8/32) and hasn't GUI and I wonder if it is suitable for starting?
D-Link DSL-224 New like the previous has the minimum but Realtek Lexra core, which I know I can start developing for this but has the minimum requirement (8/32).
Can you help me, please? ( (Any plans for Realtek SOC support?)

32 mb ram is already insufficient, 8mb flash will be after next stable release.

The HG556a was used by many people for starting with OpenWrt, and they were satisfied with it. So it's good enough for learning purposes and it comes with an Atheros/Ralink wifi, with good support.

Forget this.

If you wanted to bring better support for the HG556a then probably it would be a better idea to work on the 2nd CPU core support, which is currently disabled due to the shared TLB.

The first question would be, do you actually need an integrated xDSL modem (and if so, to what standard, ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2, VDSL2+vectoring, VDSL2+super-vectoring, which Annex, which profile).

If you do want xDSL support, is the way to go (only the vr9 chipsets) or the modern ipq40xx+VRX518 devices like the AVM Fritz!Box 7520/ 7530.

If you have to ask about it, Broadcom, ECOnet or lexra driver/ SOC development is beyond your paygrade (it's really tons of work, without documentation or help from the companies involved, it's a lost case).

Choose your battles wisely, there are device that are fully supported and just work, there are devices similar enough to already supported ones that can be ported over relatively easily, there are interesting targets with FOSS vendor source available, which would need lots (months to years) of work to get supported - and there are things like Broadcom, ECOnet or lexra, which aren't going to work, ever.

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Thanks. what's your idea for is better or Huawei?

is there any way for using non FOSS driver on OpenWRT?(For Huawei Modem/Router)

if you manage to sign a NDA with the vendors, and it still won't be for public distribution.

Better than Huawei, yes - but there is a reason why I explicitly stressed the vr9 SOC generation (and I#d now add an emphasis of good wireless as well, non-lantiq, non-RaLink, but Atheros). While Danube 'should' work, basically no one keeps testing it and the hardware specs are significantly below vr9 (1*333 MHz vs 2*500 MHz, you really want the later - and even that is low-end by today's standards).

is astoria arv7510pw22 support Annex M without OpenWRT? or with OpenWRT? what's the release date of this router/modem?

Thank. but i think hauwei is 1* 300MHz But vr9 is 2* 333MHz.i think this Modem/Router is assemble out of china, in germany. is it true? and is this sold by vodafone?