Support for Easybox 904 LTE

About: ""Add bad block table implementation" BREAKS all other NAND devices that use BBT-pattern"

Of it looks like the best way but this should done by a person that are have contact to the Kernel-developer and do know what are BBT are.
Them i guess it need long time to implement and a result ( so i guess ) are an extra Kernel config parameter.

For this reason it is not better to add a new Kernel parameter like MTD_NAND_CUSTOMIZED_BBT_VGV952CJW33EIR and hatches this service to ./config/

Because there is an other problem: the Easybox-904xDSL need a special openwrt-config like:
Or is this not a Problem ?

But at the moment i can not test i have some strange read errors on mtd device and i have not idea if it a hardware error, a problem with this devicetype or an general linux problem.

While that might make things a bit neater, it won't really help the problem at hand, as the same kernel image is shared among all devices of a (sub-)target. Meaning if you need to enable your hypothetical MTD_NAND_CUSTOMIZED_BBT_VGV952CJW33EIR, and you do, if you want to support the EB904xDSL, you break all other xrx200 devices with NAND at the same time - nothing won. What would be needed here is some way to influence the kind of BBT at runtime, either by adding some kind of quirk for the EB904xDSL or maybe DTS side configuration.

Yes, those are a problem, but compared to BBT and switch support an optional one (display/ touchscreen don't 'need' to work for basic device support --> defer to stage 2).

This is not a problem. DEVMEM is used only to set needed MAC delay settings for port, where Ralink WiFi SoC connected. We can extend device tree parameters for xrx200 ethernet port to set this delay in the register. It just where done as DEVMEM manipulations in original firmware from Arcadian, but, indeed, this is a MAC settings register.

ICYMI: A few hours ago, this commit went into master:

Which includes the ILI9341 in our Easyboxen.

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I have such a problem with my device.

There a alot of things that fail and can be the reason for the different errors:

So i do not explore for it because it sucks, anything is always wrong since months,
It was not possible to build an stabel fullworking image.
(I build USB-Storage and f2fs inside my kernel)

At the moment i try to build a solution for the special-NAND-bbt-patch-destroy-other-devices problem.
I use minimal images without f2fs and USB-storage support and they are working (but possible that my Flash are defect on a higher position)

If you use the extra Kernel.config from post
do not use this part:

Starting from USB-Stick does not really working too because:
It starts fine from USB-Stick but the overlay-fs is on UBI0_1 (from the size it looks like mtd12).
And this make not really sense.
How can i change it and not using any overlay-fs or using it on /dev/sda1 (f2fs)

About: ""Add bad block table implementation" BREAKS all other NAND devices that use BBT-pattern"

So i have add the field: "customized-samsung-K9F4G08U0x;" under "nand@1 {" inside the VGV952CJW33-E-IR.dts
Inside the drivers/mtd/nand/nand_bbt.c i asked for it and make a decision with or without modified BBT.
Here are the resulting nand_bbt.c and here are the resulting kernel patch: 4052-NAND-add-easybox904-bbt-byDTS.patch.

First test was positiv now i build/test again. If it positiv too, can anybody add this device to openwrt ?

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I'd try the snapshot. Can you give me a download link please? :slight_smile:

But with the following restriction because it is an testbuild:

  • it was build on raspberry pi for this reason hostarch=arm7l
  • but it is an minimal build without copy all packages from snapshot
  • SMP support (no telefon) only
  • it contain all drivers without USB but they are inside packages and must be install separate (kmod-usb-dwc2)
  • no lcd4linux and i have no idea how can i test the lcd
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How to switch off backlight of LCD screen?

I would like to thank you for the download link. I really like it so far. Currently I'm trying. :slight_smile:
I need USB. I probe install the (kmod-usb-dwc2), but error Description

This driver provides USB Device Controller support for the Synopsys DesignWare USB OTG Core

  • The installed version of package kernel is not compatible, require 4.14.103-1-71c08020… while 4.14.103-1-5990414d… is installed.

I don't have an EB904 set up right now, but If I remember correctly, the LCD is turned off and on the same way as a system LED. Have a look at QAuge's LUA script.

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Hey, would you please also tell what's working and what not atm?

  1. Modem?
  2. 5GHz
  3. Mesh-Networks
  4. Voice/ISDN
  5. NF / Software Offloading

Why is it so important to change from JFFS? I haven't gotten the point and also not why the device is still not officially supported?

  1. yes
  2. yes, but the wlan situation as a whole is fragile and might not work at all at the moment.
  3. no
  4. yes/ no
  5. yes, but it won't get you past 60-65 MBit/s either.
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@slh: Thanks, I also put on my old EasyBox 802 with LEDE 17.04 build and analysed that the Ralink 2870 chipset there is also still fragile. You can use the chipset already as a WWAN and AP at the same time, but usually then the wifi breaks with heavy load completly and takes a minute to come up again.

The driver says it should be possible to use it in mesh-networks, but unfortunately a test with an WR801v2 with working mesh-options don't work proper with this Ralink (shit) devices....

Is there any idea if also NF offloading will be enabled in the near future for Ralink-chipsets? As I understand other discussions there is usually only Atheros chipset support... unfortunately.

So still continueing to find a good working device...

It's so annyoing with the Easyboxes. They all have a descent hardware (RAM, Flash, CPU), but always lacks of driver support. - Especially the Easybox 904 with a price < 10€ a lot of RAM and Flash, fast CPU should be a perfect development plattform for openwrt and should get supported offically!

Do not compare rt2800pci with RaLink rt3883 iNIC.

LCD does not work on my build
@takimata why did you think that fb-tft includes ILI9341 ?
I see no message in dmesg and no /dev/fb device exist.
I can not see any ILI9341-kmod.
A kmod-fb-tft-ili9486 exist but it is an other device.

An other thing are:
When enablening FB-devices the following lines are missed in kernelconfig and it is not possible to make an build without stopping, or adding this lines:

cat << EOF >> ./target/linux/lantiq/xrx200/config-4.14

In past i use this quick and dirty makefile for build with the ILI9341 with SDK:

And i missed some more modules as exist now. (if do a look inside the makefile)

of course you can use the kernel packages that are include the my archiv-file in path packages only.
(the kernel can use only modules that where built with them (I have no idea why is it, but the answer where much interessting for me))
You have to install from hand: scp first then opkg install full-path-file-name
Or theoreticly modifi the /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf add

src/gz any_name	file://usb-path/to-packages"

And copy the files to the place where should be (it does make only sense on USB)

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I've edited /etc/opkg/customfeeds.conf and opkg / distfeeds.conf. I used an Apache server.
Install luci, nut-server and nut-mon, nut-web-cgi, usbutils, uhttp working now. Wifi working 5GHz and 2.4GHz, WAN port eth0.2 DHCP, Snapshot is stable.
Otherwise, a new kernel was released today.

:smile: Thank you

I have the scripts where i have created the patch and builds here:
And i add the resulting patch to my fork of openwrt:
@QAuge should i do a pull request ?

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