Support for Easybox 904 LTE


For example I have disassembled my router several times, and now the FXS ports a very friable and only one works.


I never opened my device.


That's why I always buy two devices, one can be destroyed during the hacking :smiley:

I don't have Easybox, but the internal uart and its logs could probably help.


Hi @Plonk34,

unfortunately there is still no offical support to this device in Openwrt-wiki. Is it maybe possible that it is because of the wrong topic name? We discuss only Easybox 904 xdsl here an the topic says Easybox 904 LTE...

Could also someone please conclude the actual information and a how-to or something? Maybe @QAuge , @arnysch or @henning-schild could say somehing about what's going on atm or how to proceed into offical support of Openwrt and solve the issue with XRX200 closed source...

I stick with my Box still on an older image and don't know how to proceed to be honest. - It syncs also like often from @majuss described with 18/2 on a 100/40 VVDSL2 subscriber-line.

Thank you very much for all your efforts already at this point!


Hi @suppenkasper0815,
I am not the TO, but I think the name of the thread have historical reasons see post #1, there is a link to a thread with the equal name on the old forum.
"Easybox 904 LTE open source code to be provide soon"
I know it contain Important information for potentially developers for the LTE variant.

what did you exact mean ?
The conclusion of information are in:

It is an General problem of the modems in xrx200 and it is more helpfull to open an separat thread.
But i think you need a vectoring capable Modemfirmware
see this post #3 for explanation.
You must extract an Modemfirmware from an Stockfirmware image like Fritzbox 7490 and copy them to your Routersystem
Them you should add the lines "option firmware "path-to-fw"" in the /etc/config/network under dsl