Support for EAP225-Wall


I'm thinking about buying the EAP225-Wall. The model has been mentioned in a thread about the EAP225-v3, but it looks like it would be a separate effort:

What are the chances that openwrt support will be available for this router?

Luck has it @Borromini sent me one two weeks ago, so the port is basically done.

I need to clean up the commits, but if you want you can build it already.


How's your MT7621 chops eh? For a crack at that TP-Link EAP235-Wall once they start to sell that for real :upside_down_face:

Challenge accepted!

Hopefully it doesn't need any difficult patches like the original EAP AC devices, then it shouldn't be too hard :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hehe :stuck_out_tongue: Cool!

And by using KEY_LIGHTS_TOGGLE for the LED button, there is a trigger to use for toggling the LED. An example script can be found in the other topic linked below, and should probably go on the wiki if this device gets merged.

They did at least release the EAP230-WALL recently, so are we lucky and will this one be on the list of supported devices as well? I might even help paying the hardware so you guys could get your hands on one.

The EAP-235 is popping up on Amazon for Europe as well now, so here's hoping they might actually be shipping somewhere in December.

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