Support for D-Link DIR-1935

Has anyone tried to get OpenWRT running on the D-Link DIR-1935?
I've found that it's a great router, but it's crippled by awful firmware.

The source code for D-Link's firmware and the toolchain used for building it are available at

The processor seems to be a MediaTek MT7623. There is more info available about it here.

I'm not too worried about taking it apart, flashing stuff to it, or risking breaking it if that's what it takes.

The SoC itself might be pretty trivial as support for Mediatek's ARM SoCs is already available in OpenWrt under the mediatek target (Mediatek's older MIPS SoCs being supported as ramips). The SoC only seems to have 802.11n (2,4 GHz) onboard, so one can only guess what 802.11ac radios that router has, but it might be MT7615 radios, and the 'mt76` driver has no support for those chips at present, to my knowledge.

It's MT7621 with kernel 3.10.14 not MT7623.(DIR1935_GPL_Release/source/vendors/Mediatek/DIR_1935/config$ vi 128M_128M_config.linux-3.10.14.x)