Support for Adtran Bluesocket BSAP-2030

Device is a simultaneous dual-band 802.11ac Wave 1 WAP that is a PowerPC 85xx based CPU and is based on the NXP P1010RDB platform as noted here:

I was able to boot the AP using the initramfs image for the Sophos RED 15w Rev.1 file named openwrt-mpc85xx-generic-red-15w-rev1-initramfs-kernel.bin but as can be guessed no mtd or wifi access, although the primary Ethernet port did work, but not the secondary.

CPU: P1010E, Version: 1.0, (0x80f90010)
Core: E500, Version: 5.1, (0x80212151)
Clock Configuration:
CPU0:1000 MHz,
CCB:400 MHz,
DDR:333.333 MHz (666.667 MT/s data rate) (Asynchronous), IFC:100 MHz
Board: P1010RDB

Here is the source code for the BSAP-2030 among others..

note: the linux_sdk_freescale_yocto is optional unless you want to build an image for the bsap-3040

Stock boot messages

OpenWrt boot messages


Do we have any updates on working of openwrt on BSAP-2030. I am really interested in this project. I have bought one BSAP2030 to play with. Let me know if you would like to do some testing.

stand by, i dont have enough time to mess with it lately due to life events, but im looking for a dev that i can donate a device to for porting, if you have any ideas for someone let me know :slight_smile:

Hey Slimey! About the Adtran BSAP-2030 -- check out the footprint ....

Well, I just ported the WS-AP3825i: ...
The BSAP-2030 uses RedBoot and is P1010-based, so obviously this isn't just a drag-and-drop operation, I'm just fascinated by how much hardware is shared.

Feel free to send me a BSAP-2030 and I'll happily port it.

19xx, 20xx, 21xx, 30xx and up are all u-boot, maybe I can get you a unit :wink:

wheres your git so i can check it out

hurricos has a unit and it is a WIP

Slimey in an earlier post it sounded like all the BSAP-20xx use uboot. I'm sorry for being green, but does that mean that the image hurricos linked on his git would work on a 2020? Looks like I'd have to setup a build environment do a pull and roll the image myself? Is that a good summary of steps if I wanted to try it?

I work at a non-profit and we ended up with about 40 of the 2020's and would love to not be anchored to a paid software to manage these. I'd be happy to donate one to the cause if it's needed.

are you on irc? you can try to boot it from the 2030 image.

Generally no I'm not on IRC, but I've used it in the past and can certainly join one. I found the Openwrt irc and joined. I see you in there, do you want me to just chat there?

This fell off my radar.

I forgot to make my patch public. Oi! Here's the HEAD; the patch needs to be rebased on master:

Edit: Thankfully, the patch applies just fine on top of master. I've since rebased it, here:

I'm running a build now and will post the artifacts from it soon.

Here are the build artifacts of a build on top of my add_bsap2030_rebase branch:

looks good, boots up :wink: