PSA: Cleanup, changes, and new porting for mpc85xx (Freescale P1010 / P1014 / P1020)

Hi there,

TL;DR: I'm making this post to bring attention to Freescale's P10XX series, particularly to needed cleanup, OEM EOLs and porting potential.

It's come to my attention that there are a number of mpc85xx devices out there needing some attention. I want to focus that effort and keep it organized, particularly when submitting pull requests to the OpenWrt Github or patch requests to the mailing lists, as review work is very heavy for maintainers.

The mpc85xx target presents an interesting opportunity at this point in time: there are a large number of enterprise devices based on the P1020RDB / P1020WLAN which are nearing end-of-life in the very near future (or the very recent past), which means availability will be very high.

Some have outstanding pull requests, or potentially re-submissible PRs that just need cleanup:

Some devices will need pull requests soon:

  • DONE: Extreme Networks AP3825i
    • My port is working; I still need to
      • [x] finish fixing LEDs (done by blocktrron)
      • [x] clean up device tree
      • [x] clean up and squash commits, and add instructions
      • [x] test with more devices
        • @Gadorach has done plenty of this, but I'd like to make sure to test against my devices. I'm sure, as with the Enterasys AP3710i, some of the devices will have passwords, and I want to verify that factory-reset instructions to replace the password work.
      • [x] specify how large the kernel must grow for instructions to stop working
        • growth of the kernel has caused problems repeatedly in the past

Some devices are ready to be ported:

  • Adtran Bluesocket BSAP-2030

    • This device uses a P1010E. It appears to require a u-boot patch in order to autoboot OpenWrt.
    • It's noted by @Slimey that many Adtran Bluesocket devices in this series use P1010 / P1020.
  • HP "Apache" Prototype

    • Noted by @kb1sph
    • [x] Waiting on investigation; if we can confirm the outdoor device in the post is identical to this one, I could port both, assuming I could get my hands on the indoor variant.

Some devices need fixing:

Finally: On any P1 / P2 QorIQ device with a JTAG interface, it is possible to use a BDI2000 to recover the device, making a U-boot port feasible to write.
Many vendors' u-boots are a pain to deal with, but can be manually circumvented in a way that can be used to overwrite the bootloader. I have purchased a BDI2000 and gotten access to the firmware to drive these boards; I plan to use it to write a U-boot replacement for the HP MSM466.

Other useful things all of these P1 / P2 devices seem to have:

  • an external console port
  • a watchdog timer (see page 16) to allow us to force a reset and inspect RAM, particularly to see how U-boot is manipulating the device tree

Note that this 'QorIQ' is not @stintel's ppc64 QorIQ -- those processors are a later generation, e.g. T1042.



First of all, thanks for putting some organisation around this.

There are some more mpc85xx devices that I have started the porting process:

  1. WatchGuard XTM330 - this boots fine, and functions well if you don't care about the switch ports. I can't get DSA to activate on this device. Not yet PR ready due to this, but commit can be found at
  2. WatchGuard T30-W - - this one works well with DSA.



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Today compiling Openwrt trunk for Aerohive AP330.
All work!
Thank for patch!

Any work on the Cisco 3702? (I'm not finding anything via the search function)

It uses a P1020 with Marvell 88W8864 & 88W8764 radios.

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Those radios are not going to be a good time -- if I'm not mistaken there are some serious hardware hacks involved that mean they won't work well with mainline Linux.

I have a WatchGuard T10W I can test on.

There’s something for it?