Suggestions on x86's mini pcie / m.2 wifi card: both in AC & AX for ap mode

Hi, I am finding a wifi card that support 802.11ax in ap mode.
But after some research on the forum, It seems the only card will work is MediaTek's cards like MT792X (MT7921K/MT7922/etc) now.

Is it true or there's another options to work with WiFi 6? As the performance of MediaTek's cards are not ideal by some user's feedbacks.
If there's another cards, then which of them has the best performance? If no, please suggest the an AC wifi card, ideally with specific model number.

Or if you have other opinion, please feel free to comment and suggest together, thank you!

it is.

read M2 WiFi AC/AX card recommendation, and don't buy the QCA6174.

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