Suggestion for a compatible and reliable AP

I need an access point (not router) to cover my basement.

Can you please advise a couple of models fully compatible with OpenWrt and performing well, especially in terms of coverage.


If you just want an AP why do you want OpenWrt compatibility? The best AP performance you will get with the stock firmware.

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First of all, any router with good OpenWrt support can be configured as AP, this is merely a configuration decision - and using normal routers for this functionality is usually a cheaper option. If you do have a reason to prefer the typical AP form-factor or features such as PoE, there are a couple of options.

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thanks for replying.

Yes, I would like to have a PoE AP, this would be easier for me to wire.

Can you please advise the best options in your opinion, better if OpenWrt compatibile?


EAP245, I just run OEM on the one I have, but the option is there.

I use Archer C7 v2 with PoE Ejector. Works really good as long as you are OK with 5GHz only.

UniFi AP AC Lite

Probably not, as coverage seems important to the OP.

If you require the power and the openness of OpenWrt then by all means, or if you will be getting a router and use it as an AP then also possible future re-purposing makes case for OpenWrt.

On the other hand, If it will just function as an AP (with no other services running), and you want an acutally AP, then you would be limiting your options if you stick to the OpenWrt requirement, as some will not be supported and some might not have the best

Unify Ap-AC lite, I have 2 of them, I know it's great cause my wife or kids never complain about slow network, lol!

It sounds clear, thanks everybody for the kind replies