Stable Release 18.06.0 (being finalized)

I upgraded from 17.01.5 in my wrt1900acs :

  • install packages, everything ok, backup the config.
  • reboot and the device was not accessible
  • reset the device, it was 17.01.5.
  • re flash 18.06, re install the packages, restore the backup config and same thing.
  • device is not accessible.
    i reset again, and now its 18.06.
    i re installed the packages and manually i re config the network.
    What's going on with the reboot ?

Thank you

wrt1900xxx series has dual firmware partitions. You always flash to the "other" partition, so that the current one (that you run when flashing) stays as the fallback option. If the new firmware fails, the router reverts to the old firmware.

I guess that something in your 17.01 config was not compatible with 18.06, so the boot failed. I can't remember if there are such things for wrt1900xxx series, but I do not remember seeing problems with my own wrt3200acm (but I haven't used the ancient 17.01 much for ages).


ok, thank you.

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I guess that something in your 17.01 config was not compatible with 18.06

After hours of reset, boot, reconfig from scratch, the only thing different i found is the upgrade added .1 and .2 to the interface name. Now its ok . Thanks.

So, then the network VLAN config for switch is different, and possibly some package misbehaved.

Apparently some settings got modified by the native upgrade, but then your backuped settings only partially contained the respective settings.

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I found that with 18.06.0, 5 GHz does work on my R6100, at least for a simple test of one AP with PSK2 encryption.

Lots of errors will normally appear in the kernel log during the loading of ath10k. But I get normal results of identifying the chip version and setting the country at the end which @Willen did not.

[   13.121165] PCI: Enabling device 0000:00:00.0 (0000 -> 0002)
[   13.127131] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: pci irq legacy oper_irq_mode 1 irq_mode 0 reset_mode 0
[   13.400600] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: Direct firmware load for ath10k/pre-cal-pci-0000:00:00.0.bin failed with error -2
[   13.411499] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: Falling back to user helper
[   13.573237] firmware ath10k!pre-cal-pci-0000:00:00.0.bin: firmware_loading_store: map pages failed
[   13.582709] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: Direct firmware load for ath10k/cal-pci-0000:00:00.0.bin failed with error -2
[   13.593258] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: Falling back to user helper
[   13.864807] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: Direct firmware load for ath10k/QCA988X/hw2.0/firmware-6.bin failed with error -2
[   13.875721] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: Falling back to user helper
[   13.998146] firmware ath10k!QCA988X!hw2.0!firmware-6.bin: firmware_loading_store: map pages failed
[   14.013421] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: qca988x hw2.0 target 0x4100016c chip_id 0x043222ff sub 0000:0000
[   14.022844] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: kconfig debug 0 debugfs 1 tracing 0 dfs 1 testmode 1
[   14.037295] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: firmware ver 10.2.4-1.0-00033 api 5 features no-p2p,raw-mode,mfp,allows-mesh-bcast crc32 c41417d0
[   14.137157] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: Direct firmware load for ath10k/QCA988X/hw2.0/board-2.bin failed with error -2
[   14.147793] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: Falling back to user helper
[   14.256839] firmware ath10k!QCA988X!hw2.0!board-2.bin: firmware_loading_store: map pages failed
[   14.293380] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: board_file api 1 bmi_id N/A crc32 bebc7c08
[   15.409944] ath10k_pci 0000:00:00.0: htt-ver 2.1 wmi-op 5 htt-op 2 cal file max-sta 128 raw 0 hwcrypto 1
[   15.548527] ath: EEPROM regdomain: 0x0
[   15.548536] ath: EEPROM indicates default country code should be used
[   15.548540] ath: doing EEPROM country->regdmn map search
[   15.548554] ath: country maps to regdmn code: 0x3a
[   15.548560] ath: Country alpha2 being used: US
[   15.548564] ath: Regpair used: 0x3a

Will there be a generic release for tl-wr841 or is tiny all it will be getting from now on?

Is it ok to do a sysupgrade to tiny from an older generic? Does the tiny build lack anything that was in the old generic?

You can sysupgrade to tiny. I didn't notice any change regarding limitations. 18.06 firmware is small enough, because some packages are built with LTO.

@Willen - may R6100 arrived today. I flashed it with the 18.06.0 release right away and unfortunately cannot reproduce the 5GHz radio issue :frowning:

Hey, which firmware did you use to do this? How has performance been since upgrading?

@lleachii you should change topic title:

according to countless issues i've read about during past few days 18.06 is everything just not stable release.....

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