SQM lowering my download speeds from 10mbps to less than 1 mbps

Router: Archer A7 V5.
I've tried cake codel and the different scripts, i set the caps to 8500 and 800 and the speeds are still lower than that, is that the only way sqm will work with my router and my speeds? (at least i got an A rating for buffer bloat, btw idk what im doing sorry).

EDIT: When i set the ingress and egress to 0 the sqm is only working with the downloads.

Are both the speeds vaguely around 800? I've always managed to get my ingress and outgress back to front. Have you tried switching the two numbers around?

Just tried that, and this was the result.

Ok sooo i just found a post that had my same problem ( Problem with SQM - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum) looks like i was using the wrong interface, to fix it i switch the interface to eth0.2-wan,wan6, thanks for the reply!

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