[Solved] WRT3200ACM - Unable to flash LEDE successfully

Are you in USA or Europe?

I guess, you are in Europe, but the issue for me is, that, it works perfectly with Lede 17.01.4, maybe I could hack more, but I got enough other work to do and at some time it will be automatically work in the mwlwifi, they have started, but I am sure it will take maybe a year even. I think I even disable the 3rd radio (it has another purpose), given I do not even need it, I got 4 routers and about 50 routers in the whole apartment. So I am more like cutting, then adding more, so the frequencies are less full.

You can tell everyone, to install your firmware and it works with winbond and etc...

Thanks so much!

Mine both Linksys and the one D-Link is perfect as it can be (plus the ISP is another router, too much).........

The last problem is, that I have no 160Mhz client, the max on my server, workstation, tv, telephone max 80Mhz, but I know you can remove these packages and enable 160Mhz, it is described here:
https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi/blob/417c15f2af00920945882a1b82ab1f5785a7b7b0/README.md#note-for-dfs-of-wrt3200acm-88w8964 (note for dfs of wrt3200acm 88w8964 160Mhz with DTS vs 3 radios)



And you are right, it is fixed max 500Mbit on Android, faster, then 80 Mhz, that's for sure.

Yes, I am in Europe. I offered it, because a DFS free firmware is an easy solution, until the fix gets implemented.

Yeah, I guess with this info in this forum post, anyone can use the 3200ACM Winbond. We don't have to find anymore.


3200ACM Wifi on 80 Mhz, I don't have a 160Mhz client, so sad, I could reach about 800Mbit, that's what I can reach on ethernet...



How does this wifi usage relate to Winbond flash chip problems?
This thread is about that flash related issue.

WRT3200ACM Winbond:

So you conflate the new flash units being installed on rango units with the current state of mwlwifi? There is no relationship, one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other, and neither has anything to do with you having decided to build an individuals staging tree.

yes, u are 100%, your best build the you are totally right. keep on. props up 10000xyz!

A patch on patchwork, it varies somewhat from what was posted to the staging tree that has been used to this point; ever so slightly.

WRT3200ACM Winbond is merged from kaloz, so you can build from the OpenWrt GIT master.

The commit is here:


so which link is the correct and fully working link? when i click a link it says not found so maybe i have an issue here. just want to make sure the links havent expired

there will be a new build tomorrow:



or you can use this:


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is this the reason why this was occuring?

What's weird is I can flash DD-WRT on this router but I really want my cake and piece_of_cake!

Closing this topic now since it is marked as solved and is attracting offtopic messages.