[Solved with using a different build] Dlink Dir-860L @OpenWRT 18.06 troubleshooting Wifi

Hey, today i received my Dir-860L B1 (a used one) and directly went to this forum here to ask which build i should flash for my setup.

Someone recommended to flash the latest snapshot of the 18.06 branch as i need working vlan's for my setup.
I flashed the latest snapshot image from here: https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/18.06-SNAPSHOT/
and it went through without any problems but for some reason the wifi isn't working at all....

Both Radio0 and 1 are showing “Generic 802.11ac Wireless Controller (radio0/1)” and “Wireless is disabled or not associated”.
I’ve set my country code and choose AC for radio0 and N for radio1 and set up manuel channels and ofc enabled both AP’s after…

Hopefully my the Wifi Adapter isn’t damaged ?
Should i go back to stock and see if my Wifi is working over there (haven't tested stock yet)?
Or am i missing something ?

Latest snapshots have broken wifi unfortunately

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Oh ok, and i was scared already.
Just flashed the latest stock again just to make sure and wifi is working fine with the stock firmware...

Can i use ur latest build to run this router as vlan capable switch with isolated Wifi AP ?
If not, which build should i use ? :confused:

That should be possible :wink:
I would recommend r6795 as the latest build is a bit wonky

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Ok, i will give it a try ! :slight_smile:

Btw, in dropbox it says "r6796" but i clicked the dl link r6795 in your thread...
Should it be like this ? Is r6796 fine ?

So i've flashed r6795/6796 and all went well, wifi is working and coverage and throughput is good so far !!
The coverage @2.4ghz is better than with my WRT3200acm which my old RT-N16 was already beating (a shame imho)!!

Thanks for your time and effort with these builds so it's possible for noobs like me to just download, flash and enjoy a nice preconfigured build with all the usefull extras !! :slight_smile::+1:

Hopefully you will still use this router for a while so we can get updates...
Tomorrow i'll start to modify my guest setup, as i need some time for the family today.

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