Hi! Everybody!
I was udin openwrt for a long time, but i can't assembly my need's
Basically in to make a lein bwtween two openwrt :slight_smile:
Router A:
connectet to my ISP via optical fiber / PPOE (Movistar)

Router B:
1- conected to Router A: via Wifi
2- All my PC's conected by wifió wire to my ISP via WIFI ON ROUTER A, sharing THE SAME network (Not routed o something like that!!)
All devices on th same network, not outed)

I remember that no so far i doit something like that..., but I can't remember why.... Sorry

Thngas ins addvanced, an excuse me my english (I'm not english speaker...)

a picture says 1000 words ( take a photo of a handdrawn one if needed minus geoEXIF )... you have done a pretty good job trying to write it in english.... it's just adding the network stuff on top does mash brain.

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WDS mode is intended for this. Set a wifi AP on Router A to AP(WDS) instead of AP. The WDS AP can also serve regular users, so you don't need to add additional interfaces or SSIDs.

In Router B, configure a STA(WDS) that links to Router A and is connected to the LAN network in Router B's OpenWrt. Router B's configuration is known as a dumb AP. This means it only has one network: the lan, and doesn't do any routing. Change Router B's LAN to a static IP or DHCP client and turn off the DHCP server in Router B. Make sure both IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP servers are off.

Thanks for uour quick response!!!!!!
I ‘ll try as soon as posible and then I’ll answer. Sure!!!

Please tell us the make and model of the two OpenWrt routers.

but @mk24, do I understand that correct, you need WDS and a LAN cable to achieve that ? similar to the old bcrm-2.4, but there you wouldn't need (nor have) the WDS mode, but one could bridge the Wifi Interface directly into the br-lan ?!

If the chipset supports WDS then you can bridge a STA(WDS) into the LAN. This is a layer 2 bridge that works like having the routers connected by a cable.

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It works like a charm!!!
I do a preliminari test, and it runs like I wanted!

True! I want to mount like a layer 2 joinig two routers OpenWRT.

Zanks to all of you!, specialy to mk24, mpa, targa, mpa for your quick answer. (Sorry but I was off line for a minutes!!!

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