[SOLVED] Upgrading dnscrypt-proxy v1 to v2

Hi all,

I have a WRT1900ACv1 that is flashed with @davidc502 custom firmware.

I am in the process of upgrading dnscrypt-proxy to the newer v2 using the following guide :


However, due to my lack of understanding, I am having some difficulty interpreting one of the instructions on line # 7 of the guide and I am hopeful that someone will be able to help point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Where it states "In Luci Forward DNS requests to", I am uncertain of where I actually need to navigate to in order to enter this information as there is a port #5353 tagged onto it. My initial interpretation was to enter them in:

Interfaces / LAN / General setup -> Use custom DNS servers ->
Interfaces / WAN / General setup -> Use custom DNS servers ->

But there is no placeholder field to enter the port number!

Could someone running the same build with dnscrypt-proxy v2 please help by clarifying what I actually need to do to complete this step?

~ Tala ~

I'm not in my LAN right now, but when I get home I can take a screenshot.

Essentially, under General Setting just copy and paste the following "" into the forward text box and save.

what does your toml file show for listen_addresses = ?

If it was taken from the davidc502sis site then it will listen on 5353

It's good to see people go through this as I'll improve the instructions accordingly.

then your toml file should contain a line like this:
listen_addresses = ['']

you can then enter them in through LuCI:
Interfaces / LAN / General setup -> Use custom DNS servers ->
Interfaces / WAN / General setup -> Use custom DNS servers ->

no need to input the port number since the toml file is already configured to listen to port 5353.

Is there any good reason to update to v2 ?
I'm using v1 for quite a while without any problems...
What's better with v2 ?

dnscrypt v2 automatically chooses the best resolver based on speed.

also there are plenty of dnscrypt servers to choose from and v2 automatically chooses the fastest resolver.

Sounds good but i can still set the servers myself ? Im very happy with the servers which i manually picked....

@davidc502 - That is correct. All files were downloaded from your instruction set. I checked the toml file as suggested by @wrtboy and verified that the listening address was and the fallback resolver was

After following the instructions from @wrtboy by entering in the WAN and LAN interfaces, I received positive configuration check results when performing the dnscrypt-proxy -config /etc/config/dnscrypt-proxy.toml -check test.

Is there any reason why I am not seeing dnscrypt-proxy log entries inside my syslog? Also, for housekeeping, can I delete the old dnscrypt-proxy config file that contains:

Config global

config dnscrypt-proxy 'ns1'
	option address ''
	option port '5353'
	option resolver 'dnscrypt.ca-2'

config dnscrypt-proxy
	option address ''
	option port '5354'
	option resolver 'ipredator'


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The differences between v1 to v2 are bigger than what I thought:

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