[Solved] Unifi AP-AC-LR no changes via LUCI

Hallo liebe Leute,
ich habe einen Unifi AP-LC-LR mit openWRT geflasht.
Wenn ich das Interface aber auf DHCP umstellen will, kommt es immer zu einem Fehler und es wird ein rollback ausgeführt.
per SSH habe ich aber eine fixe IP vergeben können.
kann mir hierbei jemand helfen ?

English please.

i will try :wink:
dear guys,
i have flashed a unifi AP-LC-LR with openWRT
at luci it dont work to change the interface to DHCP.
allways run the count to zero, after it comes a rollback.
with ssh it is possible to change the ip. i have set an other fix ip successful.

This should help:

hi psherman,
the NET ist the same.
i have set per ssh
now i want so set DHCP.
my Router ist ipfire. work since 8 years well.
my Workstation has fix.
DHCP Range is +99

Thats not the fault here.

You probably didn't notice this:

Choose Apply Unchecked in the dialogue box/. This will apply the settings without checking if you can access the new IP or not, so double check the IP.

That's the reason I linked to that article.

i will show you what i do:

her save

then i click on UNSAVED CHANGES 8 and here SAVE&APPLY
then comes the rollback again...

Have you explicitly selected the “apply unchecked” option?

ok, that was my fault, i'm so sorry for that.

so, now i have to change something about DHCP-Server and DNS--Server because i nedd only a silly AP :wink:
i habe got 20 of that APs because they are EOL in Unifi-Controller.
But i think perfect for openWRT and my home :wink:

THX a lot for your help !!!
greetings from Austria

The UAP-AC-Lite and UAP-AC-LR have not been EOL’d to my knowledge. Non ac models have been end of life for a while. But these should still be fully supported in the unifi controller.

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i manage over 3k Unifi Devices in my cloud-system.
they are marked as EOL :wink:
THX again für your Help!

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Can you point me to the article on ui’s site. I used to be a regular there, but have stopped for… reasons.

The most recent eol notice I am aware of is here:

AC-Lite and UAP-AC-LR both still supported.



That was my conclusion as well. I'd love to see where @BkuP is seeing EOL status on these devices -- I think they may be seeing older devices (such as the non AC and earliest AC models) as EOL in the controller, but AFAIK, UI has not announced any other EOL plans thus far (although they could do that at anytime). Given that they have been continuing to support this generation of APs on the v6.0+ firmware branch, I expect there is still a bit of runway on these devices.

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I'd expect them to drop the wave1's soon(tm) but wave2's onwards i dont see a reason to drop.
Worst case just load them with OpenWrt and carry on.

I just wish they would stablise a DECENT damn firmware. the 6 line is bluntly a shitshow at times.

5.43.36 was ok. I moved to that from 4.3.28 but some prefer 4.3.20 which is the prefered "just work" edition. 6.0.15 is down on speed from the 5 series. going to try the new 6.0.18 this weekend and see if that improves things like they claim.

This is actually what caused me to leave the UI forums... I had over 600 solutions and a score of >5400, but the UI staff started deleting my posts when I recommended 4.3.20 instead of 4.3.28 or 5.x (for people who had systems that were already broken -- 4.3.20 was known to be rock solid and would fix their problems). My goal was to get people back up and running again (especially when dealing with production systems in business contexts where downtime or flaky performance is not acceptable), whereas UI would have them faffing about with more beta builds.

FWIW, I still have 4.3.20 on my devices -- over 1.5 years of uptime without a single glitch. I may try upgrading to 6.x soon, but I've been hesitant knowing that UI treats the users as beta testers and the QA/QC is poor.

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