[Solved] Trying to install OpenVPN on NETGEAR R6100

Hello, I'm a noob at using OpenWRT and I was trying to figure out how to use OpenVPN with Windscribe VPN.

Router details:

Router: NETGEAR R6100

Firmware: OpenWrt 19.07.9 r11405-2a3558b0de / LuCI openwrt-19.07 branch git-22.045.73925-36e5c1c

Kernel Version: 4.14.267

Have you studied the generic wiki guide?

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The R6100 has new builds in snapshot/ath79/nand. Consider converting from the old 19.07 ar71xx.

But as far as OpenVPN it's the same as any other model.

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I must of have missed that guide! Not sure which one I was following.

I definitely look into that. I was just scared of bricking my main router.

I finally got it setup correctly, but my speeds are very slow. Around 7mbps down, 0.15mbps up. Probably just a limitation of my router, if I had to guess?

AR9344 is not great but it should be capable of upto 10-14 mbps download/upload via ethernet (it will be slower with wifi) in my experience of this SoC.


What type of internet connection do you have ? ADSL?

Have you tried a different VPN endpoint, perhaps in same country as your location to see if it is faster?

fwiw, try free ProtonVPN servers for comparison of speeds.

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I found a tutorial for WireGuard, and my speeds improved to 22mbps down and 13mbps up. I think my router just isn't good enough to handle OpenVPN. I only really needed the VPN for changing my NAT type (TM-HI is weird, and their router doesn't have port forwarding)

My ISP is T-Mobile Home Internet. My typical speed is around 93mbps down and 94mbps up.

Windscribe VPN has an option to pick the best VPN location, and that's what I used. So, it's the fastest server for me.

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