[Solved] Speedtest every hour

Is there any package to measure my internet speed every hour?
I mean a tool that run for few seconds and output my Download and Upload?

To answer your question, the easiest is to find the most local server you can to your location and set up a cron job for a "wget" of a file that would take about five seconds to download.

If you have luci_statistics and collectd-mod-interface set up to monitor the wan interface on five second intervals, you should get a nice graph with hourly spikes showing you the download speed.

That said, do you really want to max you wan bandwidth intentionally every hour? That seems a little wasteful to me.

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Every hour is probably excessive.

But more importantly, your router may not be able to accurately measure the speed of your internet connection -- it depends on the CPU. Routers are designed to route traffic quickly, but they are not designed to generate or terminate packets on the device... the CPU is often not powerful enough to do this for fast connections. For example, my Unifi Security Gateway can route at 1Gbps, but a speed test done on-device will max out arond 250Mbps.


I think I will pass . Thanks anyway

Glad we could help.

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