[Solved] Proper way to create VLANs on OpenWrt (?)

Hello, I have tried following the instructions on the Wiki VLAN page, especially the "creating driver-level vlans" section, as I was interrested in using a single trunk port on an OpenWRT device, and tag multiple networks on this parent network port/inteface (basically 802.1q). Unfortunately when I created and tagged these VLAN software interface, I didn't really work, there was no traffic coming through them.

I have to mention that the OpenWRT device in question is a TP-Link Archer C7 v5, with a recent snapshot build ( gwlim / openwrt-sfe-flowoffload build) used as a "dumb" AP only. This is an Atheros based device, which has an integrated switch. I have been using LAN port 1 of this device, and the other end where this plugs in, is a Cisco Catalyst switch, which port is set up as trunk 802.1q with all VLANs allowed.

Failing to set up a working "Software VLAN" configuration, I have tried to configure the VLAN IDs (tagging) at the Switch settings in OpenWRT, and tagged the same port for my different LANs, then created separate interfaces for them. Some expample screenshots from LuCI:

LuCI -> Network -> Switch

LuCI -> Network -> Interfaces

This mode of configuration seems to be working (well?), however as I understood (wrongly?) that when configuring VLANs on the integrated switch, one physical port of the switch should be tagged with one VLAN only (?). Is this a legit configuration? Will this cause any unexpected issues in the network, going forward?

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That would make it somewhat difficult to operate a trunk.. I don't recall seeing that advice anywhere. Your current set up should be fine. Altho you may want to leave one of the other ports as untagged so you can access the device directly if necessary.


I do not see anything wrong with your setup (other than you are voiding the other LAN ports), that is exactly how I would trunk two networks over the same port.


I thought it was one physical port can be untagged for one VLAN only.

Does C7 V5 have one CPU per [port] only? My V2 has 2


You can have only one untagged vlan on a port, but you can have as many vlans as the device allows, tagged on the same port.
The config looks correct and from what I can see you have tx and rx bytes on both interfaces.

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If you are referring to the network interface CPU, then yes, this might be the case, it only has one Ethernet controller...

v5 seems to be a bit on the "budget" side of the C7... it only has one USB (soldered and accessible) in the back too. Antennaes are also not removable (eg. cannot be un-screwed).

Thank you all for your replies. It seems that I have misread the documentation. This is right way I guess.

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