[Solved] OpenVPN server & client

Hello everyone!

I have OpenWrt 21.02.3 installed and I have configured openvpn client which use device tun0.
Right now I want to have there an openvpn server as well, but tun0 is already been taken for outgoing vpn connection.

Is it possible to configure openvpn server on openwrt if I already used it as openvpn client?
If yes, how can I add another tun device so I can use it for openvpn server?
Thank you.

Yes, it is possible. Use tun1.

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I don't have it. When I try to create it from web the only option I have is to use alias for tun0. I assume it is not correct.
How to create it? :slight_smile:

Isn't there a dev tunX line in the .ovpn file?

I'm following this article: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/services/vpn/openvpn/server

So probably I should skip this part:

uci del_list firewall.lan.device="tun+"

and just do:

uci add_list firewall.lan.device="tun1"

Is that correct?

Yes, that would be correct if your OpenVPN client interface is tun0 and the server interface is tun1.

That worked, thank you

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Okay. Thank you.

the only thing is that openvpn after configuring everything is using tun0 for server and tun1 for client. So I have to change bindings for lan/wan.

This is not a problem. You can statically assign them in the ovpn conf files and then use these from now on.

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