[Solved] OpenVPN client configuration just for accessing LAN resources in remote site

Hi All,

I have managed to configure VPN client with my another location where I have OpenVPN server configured. All works fine on multiple device including my OpenWRT router.

I have used Wiki article:


I have not configured kill switch option.

The problem is that all my traffic including internet now goes via that remote site.

What I am trying to achieve is to access just LAN devices on remote location. I don't want my internet traffic go via remote location.

How can I configure my OpenWRT router that way?

Thanks for any clues.

Remove default route option: redirect-gateway def1

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Insert the following into the openvpn client configuration file:

route # Remote network here


Or in the server configuration file:

#push "redirect-gateway def1" # Comment this
push "route" # Local network here

Thanks a lot guys!

Client config file option works like a charm.

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If you need 'reverse' route from server to client, see 'iroute' option.

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