[Solved] Not sure why one of my computer inside my lan received a lot of ssh connexion attempt from ports not allowed

Hi everyone.

I'm using openwrt since a few month now. I'm very pleased with it.
I have a NAS inside my network with the ssh server enabled.

I've just find in journalctl on this nas, that it received a lot of ssh login attempt from different IP (from outside my network, and from different port.

I don't know how is it possible because I've only enable port forwarding for ssh on port 22. So why I can see other port ?
If I disable my forwarding rule on port 22, all attempts stops immediately.

Thank you!

Typically, only server side ports are fixed, client side ports are dynamic.

Also, I do not recommend to open or forward SSH directly to the internet.
Better set up a VPN and use SSH over VPN:

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I understand, thank you!

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