[SOLVED] Nodejs installation in OpenWrt

how to install nodejs in openwrt

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  • Compile nodejs and its dependencies for your target CPU
  • Install it


I have flashed this image and I am try to install below command to install nodejs

Opkg install node

But it's shows not found

  • This is old, is there a reason you're not using 18.06.1?
  • Again, you have to compile it
  • Nodejs is not available as a package

Can I have a clear steps for the compilation of openwrt for using on VM and beaglebone black

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You don't have to compile OpenWrt. If your question is regarding the OS, you may wish to make a new thread.

OpenWrt is available for both devices.

You have to compile nodejs.

Thanks I will check and get back to you

Hi is there any option to enable wifi setting in beaglebone green in openwrt 18.06.1 version

Hi, lleachii

nodejs workng in openwrt 18.06.1 version thanks for the update.

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How have you installed nodejs?

In 18.06, "opkg install ..." should do the trick.

Opkg install node this is the command

Really? Which version is the repository?


try this package combined-ext4.img.gz

any one help how to insall NPM in openwrt.18.06.1 x86/64/


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got it
opkg install node-npm
npm install requrest -g

i re-built a few node npm packagres and current node version (right now v10.10.0)

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How to build openwrt with wifi driver.