[Solved] Mini router a5-11v [Solved]

I followed the installation and managed to configure the network and it was working. After restarting it looked like this. I still try to access the terminal. but only this. What should I do? I can't mount a USB disk to install again, nor access the graphical interface.

What do you get if you visit:

(removing the last part of the URL; make sure your browser doesn't autocomplete it)

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right. thanks! For now everything is in order.
Captura de tela 2024-05-06 211132

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

one last question. I know it's a silly question, but does the physical button on the a5-11v router still have the reset function with this firmware?

Usually not. But you can try it.

Yes. even with openwrt firmware, the physical reset button.

To elaborate:

A reset button is often used to enter failsafe mode and may be configured to other thing such as a reboot, too. But typically it does not perform a software level reset-to-defaults operation, at least not by default on most platforms.

Well, I used it normally as a reset and it performed this function. As I'm learning how to use it, and this a5-11v is small, I'm wanting to use it as a mobile router, but I don't understand how to set up and forward the Interfaces.

Whenever I try to configure, it works as an access point for the modem that was connected, taking the IP and gateway as if it were theirs and I can't log in to configure. I have to reset by the button to be able to log in and reconfigure again.

How do I use his usb? For smb and 4g modem? I didn't find the option to mount a disk or set up a 4g modem.

you'll need to install the packages required for the support.


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Okay, he needs to be connected to the Internet for that. How do I do that? Does it only have an RJ45 connector?

--Use the firmware selector to include those packages in the firmware. Then, flash it to the router and you should be good to go--

Scratch that, the device does not allow for releases higher than 18.06

except the most recent release for this device is 18.06.9.

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Well dam, missed that.

If the op is comfortable with building their own firmware, they can setup a build environment in their pc and include those packages in a 18.06.9 image, then flash it. It's doable but requires some study

Well, I don't have the education for that. With instructions I can do a few things. But I don't know how to program.

https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/additional-software/imagebuilder which would translate into something like Requesting build gives CORS error - #6 by frollic.
obviously you wouldn't be using 23.05.2.

thanks. you helped a lot. It has been resolved and is usable. but due to its space being very limited, I can't install the packages. It is connected, but I can't configure and maintain LAN and WAN on the same RG45 connector. in nat it redirects one to the other, but not the same for two functions. I'm going to use raspberry again.