[Solved]Mailsend (cant send a mail) Invalid login or password

OpenWrt 19-21
opkg install mailsend

mailsend -f "from@rambler.ru" -t "to@yandex.ru" -ssl -port 465 -auth -user "from" -pass 'Nh5gDf8d' -smtp 'smtp.rambler.ru' -sub "Test Email" -msg-body "Test Emailbody"

Error: AUTH LOGIN failed: '535 5.7.0 Invalid login or password'

But login and password are correct ive cheked it many times what else it can be

I don’t know about the mail service you are using, but some require an ”app specific password” (effectively another password for your account that only works with a specific app/device) to send mail via non-standard methods (such as printers, network appliances, and this mailsend method, as compared to common mail client applications). Check your account settings and/or support documentation for the service to see if they have similar requirements.


what about gmail? ive tried to search in accaunt settings -- security but didnt find anything
it is all the same with all mail services ive tryed

I know for fact that gmail and iCloud both require this.

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i just got in mail settings (rambler.ru) not profile settings and found the switch that allows clients and now it seems working
And i just learn that Google forbid this option from 30.05.2022 well that is sucks

Glad you got it working!

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Google gmail runs just fine via a secure transport like msmtp. They did turn off Less Secure Apps access in the spring.

You can login in to your gmail account and select Enable 2 Step Verification. Search for App Passwords. Under Select App type "MATLAB" (no quotes) and select "Generate". Use the 16 character "passcode" to replace your gmail account password in your mail config.


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