[SOLVED] MacOS recognises SAMBA disk, but not Windows

Ok so I've got my SMB4 disk working with MacOS, and can transfer files to it. However I have booted into Windows and the disk is nowhere to be seen. How do I get Windows to find the disk? I am not an expert with Windows 10, but it's not showing up anywhere that I have looked.

use map network drive from the my computer screen (where all your hard drives are listed), then type in \192.xxx.x.x (Your Router IP) and click browse, your shared folder/mount should be visible to select and add as a network drive add as a mapped network drive

if You Get A n Error Trying To Add Once Its Been Found (Says Unavailable) I Had To Make Some Other Changes Too to actually add it in windows, i haven't been able to get auto discovery to work (Where it will announce itself inside the "Network" Folder) i cold do this using an android app called "Lan Drive" and would love to replicate the functionality

Thanks this did it! All working now :slight_smile:

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I have another question, it says it's only 189MB big, but it's 500GB, what's up??

Possibly mounting a bootloader/uefi partition on your HDD or will the size appear normal in Mac OS?

I will check BRB have to reboot into MacOS.

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hackitosh? or bootcamp?

Bootcamp. I now cannot access the drive on Macos, it says the original item for NA1 cannot be found.

I was connected as guest, as a user it works.

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hmm and simply mapping it to windows caused it to fail on the mac?

Edit: Nice One

180MB on Macos, so it’s not 500GB anywhere.

check your mounts, sound like its mounting a uefi partition

How do I check? I am in /mnt/ I see sda1 sda2 sdb1 sdb2? I linked sda1 to the shared directories section in LuCI should I try sda2?


In /dev/ there is only sda and sda1

Block-mount is already installed, I don’t know how to use it though.

do you not have the mount points in the luci services tab? it shuld be there once block mount is installed

Ah yeah I have found that by clicking path. So /dev/sda1 is 190MB apparently. I followed the instructions in the quick start guide as the other guide I couldn’t make it work. So I used mkfs to format sda1 as ext4, I assumed it did 500GB but did not :frowning:

block info /dev/sda1
block info /dev/sda2
block info /dev/sdb1
block info /dev/sdb2

Plug it into a pc and use some partitioning software like Paragon Partition Manager to delete all the partitions, and create a new ext4 partition the whole 500GB