[solved] Luci access to some page without auth

hi , i'm in the middle of adapting my script from

openwrt-18.06 with luci git-18.320.63580-3787301
openwrt-19.07 with luci git-20.229.71287-57456a7

i have a view under

and i want to display a link in the mainpage to access it without the need to login

with the past owrt version i put a file under luci/controller/
as described here https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/luci/statistics.chart.public


module("luci.controller.public_signal", package.seeall)

function index()
    assign({"signal"}, {"admin","signal","read_signal"}, nil)

and it works

but with the new owrt version it doesn't work as expected, instead of the login page and the link to my view , it load directly the view and i can't log in ...
what i'm missing? where is documented the behavior i need?

worse then that , i have a second file to make stats public, and it doesn't works at all, like if it was missing ...

i've opened an issue on git

sadly, this feature was removed ...

searching for other , i've found this method , and it works
the page is showed below the login prompt , and for me it's ok too

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