[Solved]How to update openwrt on RPi4 [Solved]


I use RPi4 with openwrt for router. Works extremely well.
I installed it from a snapshot here: https://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/bcm27xx/bcm2711/
I use it with the following packages: mwan3, keepalived, conntrackd, nginx, snmpd and others.

Is there a way to update the software (with a new kernel, etc.) without overwriting with a new image?

The reasons for my question.
The last time I did opkg upgrade $ (opkg list-upgradable | awk '{print $ 1}') - the system went into read-only because of base-files
After I turned it off like this: opkg upgrade $ (opkg list-upgradable | grep -v base-files | awk '{print $ 1}')
There was a discrepancy in the version of the kernel and the modules and it stopped working which forced me to rewrite the image.


No really.

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I understand that routers with built-in flash cannot be updated without flashing, but I don't understand why x86_64 and those with an ext4 image can't be updated as standard OS?


It has nothing to do with built-in flash or any of that. It is just that Openwrt due to keeping complexity low doesn't have a package manager with full featured dependency management.


Thanks for the reply.

Maybe one day there will be such functionality.


Not likely, since it requires space, which is something most devices don't have plenty of.

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