[Solved] How to setup an AP with only one ethernet interface as a router?

I'm trying to setup a TP Link EAP225 as an edge device. I don't have any wired clients so the one ethernet port needs to connect to my ISP's modem. How do I achieve this? So far I've created a new wan interface and assigned eth0 as the device and added the interface to the wan firewall group. But I'm not sure how to proceed after that. It seems I need to get rid of the LAN bridge? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

You are on the right track...

The assumption here is that the ISP modem is a modem only device, not a router....

Before you do anything on eth0, you need to first make sure your wifi is up and running. Once you have wifi up on the LAN and are connected by wifi, you can remove eth0 from the LAN bridge, create a wan interface with the appropriate protocol (typically DHCP or PPPoE, rarely static IP; depending on how the ISP connection is made), and assign eth0 to it (hint: make sure you use lowercase letters on the wan interface name - this will match the pre-defined association within the firewall). That's generally all you need to do.

If your ISP modem is actually a router, you may also need to change the LAN interface's IP address so that the subnets of the ISP modem/router combo and the OpenWrt device don't overlap. Or, alternatively, you could just use your ISP modem's router functions and set the AP up as an AP only.

Keep in mind that you will not have any ability to connect wired devices to your network, and because eth0 will be the WAN, you will not have any ability to connect to the router itself except via wifi, so if you ever have a situation where you cannot connect to wifi, you will have to disconnect the upstream connection and then boot the device into failsafe mode to be able to debug/fix things.

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Thank you. This worked. I appreciate the response and the additional info.

Great! Glad everything is working.

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