[Solved] How do I use the wan port as an lan port

As in the question: How do I use the wan port as an lan port

At this time i use a Minihere YOUKU YK1

  • With a firmware TOMATO and a WNR3500 I have this option ...
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  1. Make a config backup

  2. Go to interfaces and check which interface WAN in using

  3. Delete the WAN interfaces

  4. Add a new interface bound to the correct adapter

  5. Go back to the page you posted and check it matches the same as the other lan ports.


Why go to such lenghts? Delete VLAN 2 (red button on the right), on VLAN 1 set that port to untagged (nonmarqui). Then go to interfaces and delete wan.


You can even more simply follow @npr's second step for the "WAN port":

  • At the same time, set the VLAN 2 on the "WAN port" to OFF
  • From there, simply ignore that WAN config exists, it's unaccessible on-wire at this point
  • The "WAN port" (after Save & Apply) will then be a LAN port


Many thanks , run fine

also with a Xiaomi Mi Router 3G in relay mode ( before only 2 * LAN's ports after 3 )


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I will fix it.

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It appears to me that for the Minihere you didn't turn the WAN port of for VLAN2. You should turn it off to avoid any unexpected behaviour.

yes for the minihere i edit the post and i modify the picture

Good question. And thanks your adding a more efficient method..... :slight_smile:

To operate within platform constructs, but reduce and/or modify so that the "front end" shows the clearest, most understandable pieces. ..... albeit, in a less efficient..... less recoverable manner.

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