[Solved] Help, instruction needed tp-link re200 v1

Please help me, im newbie, i installed Open wrt on my re200 v1 a year ago, and can't find detailed instructons how to rewert back to original firmware, can someone tell me detailed step by step how to do that, and what software i need to do that?

What part of the step-by-step instructions in the Wiki are unclear to you?

How to modifiy/prepade original bin file, in which program, and how

"Download an OEM firmware from TP-Link and prepare it as follows (we need to strip the first 0x200 bytes TP-Link header and the next 0x20000 bytes U-Boot):

dd if=re200v1_eu_3_14_2_up_boot(160329).bin of=re200v1_tftp.bin bs=1 skip=131584
Transfer this file to your RE200 running OpenWrt:

scp -O re200v1_tftp.bin root@
Install it by forcing a sysupgrade:

sysupgrade -F -n /tmp/re200v1_tftp.bin
Flashing this relatively big file takes some time, so be patient. Afterwards, you should be back to stock."

And then how to upload it, with putty or i'm wrong? Sorry i'm not programmer

dd is a program


If there's enough space on your routers /tmp, you could copy the firmware file to the router and run the commands on there.

scp is a program to copy files.

Are you using windows?

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Yes im using Windows, but also have kali on bootable live usb

this is all you need, but dd and (win)scp is also available for Win.

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These are all Linux terminal commands. dd and scp are to be run on your computer while sysupgrade needs to be exexuted on the RE200 (e.g. via ssh).

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First 2 steps are done, i did it in Kali terminal, but ”sysupgrade needs to be exexuted on the RE200 (e.g. via ssh)." Can you give me more info? Whre to enter SSH on re200?

Suceed...thanks you guys for help

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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