[Solved] Help installing OpenWrt on TP-Link WR1043ND V2/V3 over DDWRT

Hi everyone,

i'd like to ask you for help with installing OpenWRT.
I have bunch of older TP-Link WR1043ND V2 / V3 with already installed DDWRT (some old release from 2014 or so..). I've tried to reinstall it to OpenWRT, but no success yet.

First TP-Link already looks dead - LED blinking and it looks like rebooting over and over again.
At first step i tried to revert it back to factory firmware to be able to proceed with OpenWRT in next step.
After upload of revert.bin from DDWRT, router rebooted back to DDWRT. Then i found somewhere to skip first 257 blocks with dd from revert.bin. So I did, and probably this was crucial and TP-Link wont boot again. I dont have success with TFTPd yet - still trying.

I dont want to brick another few routers, so if anybody here have valid and functional "how to", please, let me know how to reinstall them to OpenWRT.

Thank you.

TFTP recovery is probably the safest and easiest way to do this. Also once your server is set up, you can flash additional units in an automated fashion.

Read especially the section "Flashing / recovery with TFTP only".

Turn the power on while holding the reset button down. If the WPS light comes on by itself after several seconds, the bootloader is ready for TFTP recovery.

TY for reply.

Could it be so broken, that TFTP recovery from bootloader is not working?

ok, its not broken.
I did it. Have to start my old Win7 dell laptop, bcs latest Win10 update does not like tftpd.

just started with OpenWRT and i already love you guys, thanks for help.
Now going to check how can i create "own" bin package which will have all required config to flash it to all remaining devices.

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