[Solved]Google Search Results for User Guide is Broken

When searching for openwrt/lede via google I keep getting "this topic does not exist"

For example google returns link to:


but if navigate to the user guide from openwrt homepage I'm taken to:


  1. Has a new sitemap been submitted to google to re-crawl the site
  2. Does a sitemap exist ?
  3. Is the subtle difference user-guide vs guide-user intentional or accidental ?

Many older links are now broken.

The changes are intentional.

I started a topic asking about a re-direct plan...no response so far.

Agree, redirects will workaround all the broken links.

However the existence of a XML sitemap(s) and the need to submit them to web-crawlers will speed up discovering the new topic URLS.


However, you would need to ask @tmomas or @bobafetthotmail, as they are doing the majority of the wiki work.

Hi @tmomas and @bobafetthotmail

I tried searching for an XML Sitemap file on the site but didn't find any.

Does one exist and is it kept up to date?

You can click on their names and send a PM.

The sitemap is automatically created, and google regularly visits openwrt.org.
A big bunch of changes has been done only yesterday.
Please give google some time to reindex openwrt.org.

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other guides are using namespaces/links with guide-developer and guide-quickstart, so the change was intentional.

Since I was causing massive (temporary) breakage in Google searching anyway with the re-arranging of all articles with the merge of the wikis, I figured that I could also have a consistent naming too.

I don't plan to make another sweeping change like this in the future, maybe some pages might be moved around, but not nearly half the wiki as it happened last weekend.

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