Re-direct old links to new links

This was brought up yesterday about 2 topics that were found, but contained no information.

Other topics have since come up with "empty" pages.

The old links still exist, but the information has been moved to new wiki locations due to the current changes being made for the OpenWrt LEDE merge.

The problem is that older threads that reference the older links will now break, helpers will have to do additional searching for the "new" topic locations, and users who are searching for solutions will be frustrated by the links they find that don't work.

It seems that a re-direct is needed.

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Interesting article on using a regular expression to create re-directs...

Any progress on doing re-directs?

The older links to failsafe mode and vendor-specific rescue from failed firmware upgrade are now broken.

As time goes by, the problems with the presence of the "old" site will magnify as the old pages, are, well, old -- outdated, sometimes incorrect information that has been updated on the new site.

Every time I use Google to find information (as the Wiki search is pretty useless for anything that isn't very unique), I only get outdated pages. As long as people are clicking on those links, then they will stay at the top of the rankings.