[Solved] First step on Packages

HI trying to figure out how adding packages to openwrt works.

I was trying to figure out how to use local directory a s package repo.

So far updated my


with a line stating

src-link mypackagesrepo /home/user/Documents/mypackagesrepo

or using

src-cpy mypackagesrepo /home/user/Documents/mypackagesrepo

in both cases invoking

./scripts/feeds update mypackagesrepo

I get the links inside my openwrt/feeds folder

Now I need help to figure out how to have the feeds Makefile to point to a local folder.

1- question is it possible ?

2- if yes what would be the syntax for PKG_SOURCE_URL:

something like locahost, just the path from user, home, 


  ./scripts/feeds install mypackagesrepo

keeps banging with:

WARNING: No feed for package 'mypackagesrepo' found

I got the package link into make menuconfig under the example tab but nothing more than that

I am reading from


found other sources of info for Makefile syntax but didn't work out and lot of them I think are deprecated.

I was wondering about this part:

Working on local application source

If you are still working on the application itself, at the same time as you are working on the packaging, it can be very useful to have OpenWrt build your work in progress code, rather than a specific version+md5sum combination checked out of revision control, or downloaded from your final “release” location. There are a few ways of doing this.

This is an option in menuconfig. See “Advanced configuration options (for developers)” → “Enable package source tree override”

This allows you to point to a local git tree. (And only git) Say your package is defined in my_cool_feed/awesome_app.

ln -s /path/to/local/awesome_app_tree/.git feeds/my_cool_feed/awesome_app/git-src
make package/awesome_app/{clean,compile} V=s

Benefits of this approach are that you don't need any special infrastructure in your package makefiles, they stay completely as they would be for a final build. The downside is that it only builds whatever is currently _committed_ in HEAD of your local tree. (Not master, this could be a private testing branch, but it must be committed it can't be local changes) This will also use a _separate_ directory for building and checking out the code. So any built objects in your local git tree (for example, build targeting a different architecture) will be left alone, but whatever _branch_ is checked out in your tree determines where HEAD is.

This means that I cannot do without a local git tree ?

How do I enable it ?

The argument to scripts/feeds install must be a package name as used in define Package/xxx from one of the Makefiles in your feed, not the feed name itself.

Unless you meant to install all packages from mypackagesrepo, in this case the proper command would be:
./scripts/feeds install -a -p mypackagesrepo

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thanks I'll try with that

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