Second step on packages

Continuing from here:

Ok I have a mypackagesrepo local directory containing a package1/Makefile. My feeds.config has a src-link or src-cpy that describes mypackagesrepo.

I update and install the feeds all or just mypackagesrepo

What I should obtain ?
Meaning my mypackagesrepo/package1 folder contains a Makefile this file define Package/package1 I can see it under make menuconfig/examples. The Makefile contains a SOURCE_DIR parameter pointing to another folder on my PC called pkg1

My question are :

1- Should folder pkg1 contain a tar or gzip or whatsoever file or could contains just a plain .c file (i.e. helloword.c) and a Makefile ?

2- Does my feed Makefile with the

# This command is always the last, it uses the definitions and variables we give above in order to get the job done
$(eval $(call BuildPackage,package1))

Override the Makefile in my pkg1 folder or do I need a Makefile in there ?

Asking this because normal feeds seems to me downloading compressed archives that I presume contains their own Makefile.

Please be patient I am new to all of this. Ready to rephrase redescribe everything if it’s not clear. Thanks

Any help ?

I keep getting a

make[2]: Entering directory '/home/usr/Documents/openwrt/feeds/mypackagesrepo/pkg1'
make[2]: Nothing to be done for 'compile'.

after issuing a

make package/pkg1/{clean,compile} 

Ok trying to do It in steps:


make download

I get my pkg1.tar.gz into its own subfolder in openwrt/dl

but if I issue

make package/pgk1/prepare

I don't get my files into the build_dir_target_pkg1 folder

and I get some strange files like

.prepared_randomnumber_randomnumbers instead

thing that doesnt happen with mjpg-streamer package where

after make prepare I get the entire unpacked folder tree of the original file (tar.xz file under dl)

in the build_dir toghether with the .prepared_randomnumber_randomnumbers instead files

I am assuming openwrt Makefile (the one in the feeds) doesnt need all the possible

BuildPackage defines that should matches the arguments passed to buildroot, as per

but for mjpg-stremer after I ask

make package/mjpg-streamer/compile 

I get compiled sources inside build dir and ipk files under openwrt/bin/packages/target/packages

while of course my pkg1 gives after

make package/pkg1/compile 

make[2]: Nothing to be done for 'compile'.

so what am I doing wrong ??


page updated ? where I can get n example?