[Solved] Does openwrt auto update?


Back in July I installed 18.? (I don't recall the dot version) of the firmware on a new Linksys WRT 32X. Today, after I lost power at home, I had trouble getting on the Internet. After some time I figured out that my router's IP address was set back to the default ( and the SSID was set to XXX. When I looked at the router version number I see it is now 19.07.3 r11063-85e04e9f46.

I know I did not update the router myself to v19. I'm guessing there is either auto update (which a quick a Google around does not seem to show is the case) or some helpful hacker has updated for me.

Since the settings are now be altered a fair bit I'm going to download the latest version myself and just re-install. But . . . I just wanted to check in here ask for thoughts on what may have happened and for any advice moving forward.


OpenWRT doesn't come with autoupdate functionality.

Probably you was installed 19.07.3 because it's has been released in 20 May 2020:

but forgot this and count as 18.X
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This model has dual partitions meaning that two complete OS are stored in the flash. Normally the most recently flashed one will run. If it does not boot properly it will switch to the other partition as a backup, which has the second to last recently flashed OS.


OK, thanks. Good to know it does not auto update. I've downloaded the latest and reflashed twice to get a clean image into both partitions.

My wife and I aren't sure exactly when we got the router. I feel like I installed 18.X but if I don't recall the purchase date then I can't be sure of the version. So when the power just failed; I'm guessing you are both right. Thanks, again.

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