[Solved] Connect an AP (Archer C6 v3) to the main router (Orange pi R1 LTS) through a LAN cable add wireless to my network

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I'm new to networking and just got my wireless router (Archer C6 v3) and installed OpenWRT on it. I would like to extend my main router (Orange Pi R1 LTS) through a LAN cable, so I can use all the services (recursive DNS, DNS blackholing, DHCP, Nextcloud, etc. ) of the main router when connected to the AP. Could any one point me to the right source (a writeup, video, thread, anything) to do just that? I'd also like to setup a Guest wifi, would that interfere with this setup (I don't think so, but asking just to be sure)?

This is fairly simple to do...
You want to setup a dumb ap.

The guest network can be achieved in two different ways:

  1. setup a VLAN on your Orange Pi and then configure an additional SSID on your Archer C6 that you connect with that VLAN
    -- or --
  2. use the guest wifi on a dumb AP method where the guest network is completely handled by the OpenWrt dumb AP.
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Thank you! It looks exactly like what I want.

great! let us know if you have questions along the way.

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