[Solved] Change username (per github username change)

I would like to change my username to tamer.hassan or tamer-hassan, or similar.
Thank you

Look under your user preferences and you can change your name. Let us know if that doesn't work.

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Thanks for the reply. I already changed my name, but my username I cannot change. There's no option to change username, despite having changed it in github years prior and logged in with my github account and found Discord is still using old username from 2017.
Appreciate your help in changing my username

Ah... Ok. What would you like your username to be? (you had a few options -- I want to make sure the first two were your preferences in that order):

(if those don't work, I'll check back for the "or similar" bit)

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tamer.hassan, tamer-hassan, tamerhassan, tamerhassan81


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Thanks! :slight_smile:

(if not, please let us know).

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