(Solved)Can't log in to luci

i having this issue when i enter my connection is working well.what should i do?plz help

It would be interesting to have some background about the device, OpenWrt version, build origin, etc ...

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i forgot what version i already using..but my device is MI4 GIGABIT

Along with the ip settings.

What did you flash?

We, wt least need to know network information.

Run ipconfig in windows command prompt.

ip setting?i don't understand?litte bit nerd..

Run ipconfig in command prompt.

Search will find command prompt for your.

If he got a reply message in the browser than the IP settings work. It's obviously a Luci problem on the router.

@Rayz : what did you flash? stable or snapshot? Official or custom made?

is there a way for me to flash back using the terminal (PUTTY)

Is that a reply from OpenWrt from a browser?
I've never seen anything like that but there are a lot of things I have not seen.

Hold on a minute.

custom made..its working well before..

search the forum for ucodebridge, there are other threads about this.

and did you by any chance update any package ?


yes from browser

I have seen think like this when a snapshot has an issue ( in a Luci module in this case).

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So you may have forgot a Luci module. Or it is corrupted due to an issue. It can happen in snapshot.

i already try to hard reset button but it;s not working..

post your package list, you might be missing something.


how to do that?