[SOLVED] Beginner: Installing 19.07 on Netgear R6260


i own a r6260 and want to install the current 19.07.
I tried to download to factory.img linked in tech-page for install using oem-gui but the link results in a 404.
Then i checked the download page and i have seen that there are no files for the r6260.
After more reading :wink: i found that r6350 and r6850 are identically and found the files for 6350 in the download section.
As there are no factory files means that i have to flash with another way as using the oem-gui?

So my question is: Is that right? And any hints for next steps?

Thank you and best regards

version r6350 stable work on r6260, but you should install snapshot on that device.

Thank you.Used the snapshot and it works!

At least,i have a problem with my cable modem (Technicolor CGA2121, Docsis3):
Every Time i restart the router i need to reboot the modem too otherwise the wan-interface didnt get an ip.
I found the "Use Broadcast" Flag in advanced options for Wan-Interface but it doesnt solve the Problem.

Any suggestions?


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ok, thanks for pointing me on that.
Should i open a new topic for the other question?

Try to down/up interface from command line of router initially. After that try /etc/init.d/network restart

Thank you, tested but didnt solve it.

Are you sure it is safe to install the r6350 version on the r6260? I might order a r6260 myself, but only want to use a stable release, and not a snapshot one for compatibility with installing new packages as needed. Don't want to run my own package repository. Does the stable release support the mt7615 wifi already? Or is that a snapshot only thing?

MT7615 is supported in 19.07, but at least in my experience throughput is still rather low.

Throughput isn't a big issue for me. If it can manage 100+ mbit it's perfectly fine. I was just wondering if it was included at all, and if stability is good enough for daily use. Furthermore, I am still very much curious whether @bricco1981 or anyone can verify that it is possible and safe to flash the r6350 image on the r6260.

By the way, what router are you currently using @Borromini? Did you retire your DIR-860L?

@Mushoz I replaced it with an Asus RT-AC57U (MT7621 as well, but wall-mountable and external antennas; I think the specs are pretty identical). The lack of 'wall mountability' turned out to be more of a nuisance with the DIR-860L than I expected.

I have a DIR-878 as well, which I will be switching to once MT7615 support matures. I can share a patch for 19.07 that backports support for it if you're interested, the PR for master is still pending.

yes it's safe but only the 2,4 ghz radio is present. no mt7615

You can install the kmod-mt7615e package manually, FYI. But yes, it's missing from the 19.07 profile for the R6350.

Patch for the MT7615E driver inclusion into 19.07 images has been sent, so hopefully fixed in the first point release.

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