Software flow offloading and conntrack timeouts

I have an OpenWRT router (the issue happens both with TP-Link archer C7 v2 and with Netgear R7800). Flow offloading is enabled, but (for censorship circumvention reasons, so that I can analyze the first few packets for known strings generated by censorware) in a custom way:

iptables -A FORWARD -m comment --comment "!fw3: Traffic offloading (modified)" -m conntrack --ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED -m connbytes --connbytes 8 --connbytes-mode packets --connbytes-dir reply -j FLOWOFFLOAD

I have three networks: the usual WAN and LAN, and also LAB, which is just a separate VLAN without DHCP on the LAN side of the switch. There is no NAT between LAN and LAB, but there is a stateful firewall: hosts in the LAN can initiate connections to the LAB, but not the other way round.

I have noticed a strange thing: ssh connections from LAN to LAB break more often than I expect.

The default /etc/sysctl.d/11-nf-conntrack.conf file has this line:


And indeed, the initial content of /proc/net/nf_conntrack shows something like this:

ipv4     2 tcp      6 7438 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=55142 dport=22 packets=3 bytes=164 src= dst= sport=22 dport=55142 packets=2 bytes=153 [ASSURED] mark=16128 zone=0 use=2

Then the [ASSURED] part changes into [OFFLOAD], and the timer disappears.

ipv4     2 tcp      6 src= dst= sport=55142 dport=22 packets=30 bytes=1920 src= dst= sport=22 dport=55142 packets=20 bytes=2560 [OFFLOAD] mark=16128 zone=0 use=3

After some time (~30 sec), the [OFFLOAD] line changes back into [ASSURED], but the count-down timer starts at 120.

ipv4     2 tcp      6 114 ESTABLISHED src= dst= sport=55142 dport=22 packets=48 bytes=3072 src= dst= sport=22 dport=55142 packets=32 bytes=4096 [ASSURED] mark=16128 zone=0 use=2

Then, after 2 minutes, the conntrack entry disappears. I would expect it to disappear after ~2 hours of inactivity, not 2 minutes.

Can anyone else confirm this behavior? Is it a bug?

Why doesn't the count-down use the nf_conntrack_tcp_timeout_established value when it exits the [OFFLOAD] status? Where can I change the timeout that is used after the connection exits the [OFFLOAD] status?

Can anyone else confirm this behavior?

Yes, flow tables evict inactive flows after 30 seconds, conntrack will then pickup the connection if there are any traffic in 120 seconds.

Is it a bug?

This is quite unfortunate, but seems it is indeed deliberate, and not configurable:

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