Snapshot for "Linksys WHW01 v1" Returning 404

I have a trio of "Linksys WHW01 v1" that were setup using snapshots available from the page here: I recently had a problem with one of the trio and decided to re-flash firmware but have since found the previously working firmware download URLs to 404. Was the WHW01 purposefully removed from snapshot builds and, if so, is there anything I might be able to do in order to get it re-added?

I bet it's because IPQ40xx moved to DSA. At that point, any devices that were not yet migrated (and tested) were disabled. So the device can still be supported but someone will need to migrate it to DSA.

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Is there any way to verifiably confirm this theory and, if you're correct, what could I do to expedite the migration process?

To get to the bottom of it:

$ git blame target/linux/ipq40xx/image/

Like I said: get someone to port it, test it and then it can be included again. Maybe someone who contributed to the original PR can help you with that:

Thanks for point me in the right direction!

I'm doing some surgery to re-enable EA6350v3, MR8300 and EA8300, which are in the same family as WHW01.

If you can share what you've learned so far with WHW01 and are available to test, I might be able to help. It would be good to get all of these building again.


@Nyshan if you could dig up the old .bin file you used before, could you share to us?

Actually, I managed to convert the device to DSA, I think, but I need some guidance before I try to submit my third accidental PR.

Won't need to, I have a working build based on the current master. I don't feel comfortable submitting binaries but, assuming I can get a PR submitted, whw01 should start appearing in snapshots again soon.

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Good job man!

Great! Have you tested your changes? Not sure what's meant by "accidental PR"... I also made some guesses at updating yesterday but have nothing to test against; my patches posted here if you could compare with yours.

Also, if you post your changes somewhere, probably @robimarko would be a good person for feedback and guidance.

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That looks like what my changes were verbatim. I tested them on two devices without issue so far. Both ethernet interfaces work.

edit: I'll check my changes when I get home and confirm.

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Only difference betwixt yours and mine is the lan1/lan2 swport assignment; mine follows the original implementation of whw01-v1 more closely (doesn't make much difference in the grand scheme of things though).

Guys I am having a bit trouble getting the serial console, opened shell and connected a USB serial console as instructed here:

My COM port gets nothing during reboot using 115200/8n1.
Wonder what am I missing....
Does a normal reboot output to the COM port?

Never it working :slight_smile:

Could you share the test binary somewhere like dropbox? I am eager to try it out :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hey, thanks for posting. Interesting... I thought I was following the old setup too:

               ucidef_add_switch "switch0" \
                       "0u@eth0" "4:lan:1" "5:lan:2"

which I interpreted as "switch port 4 -> lan 1" and "switch port 5 -> lan 2". Is that how you read these?

I also noticed you use labels "ethernet1" and "ethernet2" in the DTS instead of "lan1" and "lan2". Do you know how those end up being referenced? I think these need to match with the new "ucidef_set_interfaces_lan".

&swport4 {
	status = "okay";
	label = "ethernet2";

&swport5 {
	status = "okay";
	label = "ethernet1";

Not having done a DSA migration before, I'm still trying to determine relationships between the new settings.

EDIT: After looking at configuration scripts first, then the wiki for the device, I see the ethernet ports are actually labelled "Ethernet" so suggest keeping the DTS "ethernet[12]" labels and the old ucidef mapping for switch port -> lan port, which means setting

		ucidef_set_interfaces_lan "ethernet1" "ethernet2"

and updating the DTS. I'll roll up those changes and post a new patch here to share.

p.s. One other thing I noticed while re-enabling EA6350v3, EA8300, and MR8300 (same family as WHW01), is that WHW01 has the board name defined as "whw01-v1" and doesn't match the Linksys name online or embedded in the factory firmware. To make things consistent I'd like to change it to just "whw01". This does mean the next sysupgrade may be forced, but we're already migrating to DSA anyway.

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Ugh, I screwed up the naming conventions. Both the DTS and 02_network should use "lanX" as I believe they reference back to one another. Naming on this device is a little confusing but whw01 or vlp01 make sense to me given:

Corrected on my repo:

If you pull my repo and build it yourself you should have a working binary but I have not tested my most recent changes so use at your own risk.

No worries, there's a lot of that going around. :slight_smile: Funny thing is that I ended up changing DTS and 02_network both to "ethernet" since the ports could be either wan or lan in Linksys documention. We should probably decide one way or another but I'm fine with either. Thoughts?

In case it's useful, I uploaded WHW01 firmware and packages to a Dropbox directory I'm sharing for my PR re-enabling EA6350v3, EA8300, and MR8300. If it's convenient, I can include WHW01 commits to the PR and add your "Signed-off-by:" and "Tested-by:".

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If there's no fixed assignment you could call them eth0 and eth1 instead of lan0 & lan1. Using the full 'Ethernet' moniker would be cumbersome.