Snapshot for "Linksys WHW01 v1" Returning 404

I have a trio of "Linksys WHW01 v1" that were setup using snapshots available from the page here: I recently had a problem with one of the trio and decided to re-flash firmware but have since found the previously working firmware download URLs to 404. Was the WHW01 purposefully removed from snapshot builds and, if so, is there anything I might be able to do in order to get it re-added?

I bet it's because IPQ40xx moved to DSA. At that point, any devices that were not yet migrated (and tested) were disabled. So the device can still be supported but someone will need to migrate it to DSA.

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Is there any way to verifiably confirm this theory and, if you're correct, what could I do to expedite the migration process?

To get to the bottom of it:

$ git blame target/linux/ipq40xx/image/

Like I said: get someone to port it, test it and then it can be included again. Maybe someone who contributed to the original PR can help you with that:

Thanks for point me in the right direction!

I'm doing some surgery to re-enable EA6350v3, MR8300 and EA8300, which are in the same family as WHW01.

If you can share what you've learned so far with WHW01 and are available to test, I might be able to help. It would be good to get all of these building again.

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