Snapshot builds for MR8300


I have been using a Linksys WRT3200ACM so far with the Openwrt firmware and it was a good experience in general. I used to be able to test snapshot images on the WRT3200ACM.

I recently switched to a Linksys MR8300 and while the openwrt is working on it I find it only has a stable build release and no snapshot builds.

Can we get snapshot builds on a daily or weekly basis for this router model? Its nice to have newer versions of the firmware to try and see how new features or bugfixes are working.

Please let me know regarding this.

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Reason for no MR8300 snapshot images: Kernel size too big, see;a=commit;h=f0ea3df439c796dc6d4e5fee1cc6a15e7fed8085


Thank you. So will this be addressed going forward or is this a permanent issue?

Just wanted to know what to expect ahead.

If this will be addressed when can I look forward to the snapshot builds?

Thank you again

"Someone™" with the device on their desk (which could be you) will have to fix the issue (maybe the bootloader can be convinced to read in more data, maybe a chainloader is necessary) and submit the fix, when or if that happens is undetermined.


I do have the device for use. However I dont have knowledge of this openwrt at code level.

I do have some idea of the Linux boot.

If I can help test any code changes which could help fix this then I can volunteer.

However I will need some idea on how to unbrick if that is an after effect of the testing part.

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...or just optimize the kernel build.
Ripping out the default debug stuff even with O2 builds fine


I asked for a similar topic a month ago, as I have tested previous snapshots on this device, and couldn't do it anymore.
I too don't have enough knowledge to code this myself. I'm willing to help in case of tests are needed.

Snapshot are again available since today. There has been work these past weeks and the necessary patch have been merged. Meanwhile take care ! You can't install a snapshot from scratch, there are precise steps to abide. Please read the MR8300 documentation.
I have installed this first snapshot and it runs very well. Performance are better than with 22.03.

Where to download the snapshots for MR8300?

I have to increase the kernel partition by setting a bootloader variable "fw_setenv kernsize 500000" from 22.03 and flash the snapshot, correct? Thanks.


I just installed the snapshot build using the instructions.

I also had the 1.10.x version of the Linksys router firmware and it worked even on that.

There is some change in the config file for network between 22.03 and the snapshot version. So I had to edit the file manually using the diff of what the original file has and the file I have modified on the 22.03 firmware had.

Right now I am on the snapshot version and it seems to working normally.

Thank you for fixing this and making the snapshot version available for use.
This is a reason to buy a router that runs on openwrt. We actually have people involved who get things to work eventually.

Many thanks and wishes for the new year ahead.

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The snapshots are under the generic subtree of ipq40xx - link is below

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Thanks. So, you followed the instructions to increase the kernel partition in 22.03 and flashed the snapshot?

Also, did you overwrite the OEM firmware or used luci-app-advanced-reboot and flash the snapshot from the OEM firmware page?

Yes ... that's what I wrote in the doc :wink:
Flash a factory file from Linksys OEM. You need to reconfigure the settings from scratch as the device will now use DSA.

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Good to know.

The device now runs DSA, so the network config must be reseted.

The work has been done by @guidosarducci . I contributed in testing, reporting and editing the doc.


I consider that keeping Linksys OEM on a partition is the safest way to use the device. So from OpenWrt I use Luci-app-advanced-reboot to return to Linksys, than I flash a factory image of OpenWrt. That is longer than a sysupgrade, but safer.
But you can also consider installating OpenWrt on both partitions.

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Is the USB port issue still present in Snapshot?

Sorry I can't tell, I don't use the USB port.

Thank you. So every time I flash a snapshot build from Linksys OEM page, do I have to setup everything from scratch?

For instance after setting up 22.03 and going back to Linksys OEM page and flash a snapshot factory image, wouldn't the settings be retained from 22.03?

Also what issue do you see if I flash openwrt on both partitions as I don't think I ever go back to Linksys? Is it really hard to go back to Linksys OEM in the future if needed?

No, just the very first time. :crazy_face: That would be insane.
First time you flash, your device will start with default settings. Setup the settings the way you like than backup them. Next time you flash, just restore the settings.

You should not retain settings from 22.03 because the syntax of the network has changed (DSA).
You can manually recover some settings (wifi ..) but you should know what you are doing. The easier is to reconfigure from scratch the very first time.

None, it's up to you. For example, you can install a stable on one partition and a snapshot on the other. That device was my very first one with dual boot, so my lack of experience led me to be precautious.

I have never tried on this device, but I guess that mtd method is the key.

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Thanks again for your quick response. Btw, does MR8300 work very well without issues on 22.03 or the snapshot build? Btw, are the snapshot builds named 23.x?

Btw, let's say I want to have openwrt on both partitions and I flash factory 22.03 and make the kernel config changes and flash snapshot. It goes to the other partition upon boot and setup from scratch and when I update another snapshot build, the settings are retained, correct? In this case, snapshot builds are on both partitions and I don't think I will ever want to go back to Linksys OEM.

And, I can always flash from snapshot to 22.03 and setup everything from scratch? In other words, going back to 22.03 from snapshot is not a problem, correct?