Sky SR102 back to stock firmware

Hi all,

Please bare with me as I'm a bit of newbie when it comes to flash programming, JTAG etc.

So, I attempted to flash an old Sky SR102 router the other day with the openwrt image. I have a USB TTL serial port which I succesfully connected into the router with. After copying a custom flash writer and the openwrt image to the device it appeared to be flashing correctly. For some reason, the device hung, I was getting no input/output from the putty terminal so decided to power cycle it. I'm guessing this may have been a bad idea (or perhaps the flash image was wrong or something?) but anyway, the device appears to be dead now.

When you power it on, the power light stays lit but nothing else happens. Ethernet ports are all dead, reset buttons and wps button do nothing. I get absolutely no output from the serial port.

So I'm guessing I will need to reflash it with the correct stock image, and this is where I'm lost. I've read lots but the more I read the more confused I get.

Is there some generic software I will need to use to reflash the CFE image? Or will I need to use a specific piece of software for the Broadcom chip the router uses?

Thanks in advance!

The wiki page has quite a bit on this model.

It sounds like you have erased the bootloader (CFE) partition. In that case you will need to obtain the bootloader binary from a third party and install it with JTAG. The page above has several options and links. I would suggest a "complete" image, unzip it and install the bin starting from address 0 and it should boot into (some old version of) OpenWrt.

Note that there are no open drivers for the DSL or WiFi systems on this chip, so OpenWrt would only be usable for a wired router role.